Roster definition

Roster. ’ means a list of persons quali- fied to provide services as neutrals.
Roster means the Commercial Arbitra- tion Roster of AAA.
Roster means a list of persons qualified to provide services as neutrals.

Examples of Roster in a sentence

  • Include contractors who are single individuals in the Staff Roster.

  • Roster points of the cadre(s) as per the reservation policy of the Govt.

  • For MSI CBO grantees, you should include both MSI and CBO staff in the Staff Roster in Section 3.1 (Project, Organization/Institution, and Community Capacity).

  • If qualifier roster had less than 18 players, up to three players may be added provided they meet the designated eligibility requirements.A properly completed MSF State Tournament Roster must be hand carried to the tournament site.

  • The periodic evaluations are tracked on the Chronic Physical Health Conditions Roster and maintained in the youth’s IHCR.

More Definitions of Roster

Roster means a work pattern designed for a specific work area for all work performed outside the spread of ordinary hours contained in Part VII – Hours of Work and Overtime for Day Work excluding work performed outside the spread of hours and paid in accordance with the overtime provisions of Part VII – Hours of Work and Overtime for Day Work.
Roster means a notification issued by or under the orders of the Chief Justice, assigning particular class(es) of cases to Judges of the High Court for a specified or unspecified period.
Roster means a list of employees and their duties over a period of time.
Roster means the record in printed or electronic
Roster means a list of approved arts professionals who have the skills and experience to address the needs of a spe- cific commission program.
Roster means the weekly distribution of available shifts made to available PhoneTAB Operators.