High Court Sample Clauses

High Court. 16.1.1 Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Master Agreement and/or any Confirmation Notice (including any dispute in relation to the existence, validity or termination of any agreement, and including any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in relation to the Master Agreement or a Confirmation Notice) shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court in London.]
High Court except in sub- section (1) 5[ and sub- section (1A)] of section 34 and in sections 42 and 43, does not include a court of the Judicial Commissioner, and, in relation to a State Bar Council, means,--
High Court. Constitution of High Court6 High Court continued
High Court. 1) The High Court of Lesotho in existence immediately before the day on which this Constitution comes into operation shall, as from that day, be the High Court for the purposes of this Constitution, and any proceedings pending before the High Court of Lesotho immediately before that day may be continued before the High Court of Lesotho as hereby constituted and any judgement or order of the former High Court given, but not satisfied, before that day may be enforced accordingly. (2) The provisions of section 163 of this Constitution shall apply in relation to the offices of Chief Justice and judge of the High Court, and any person who, by virtue of the provisions of this subsection, hold or acts in any such office as from the coming into operation of this Constitution shall be deemed to have taken and subscribed any necessary oath under this Constitution.
High Court. The HC dismissed the said application by holding that an arbitrator cannot be appointed as the appellant did not prove the existence of an arbitration agreement. The HC relied upon the judgement of the SC in M.R. Engineers and Contractors (p) Ltd-V- Som Datt Builders Ltd, (2009) 7 SCC 696, to hold that there is no special reference to the arbitration clause in the standard terms and conditions, so the arbitration clause cannot be said to have been incorporated in to the purchase order.
High Court. 1) The High Court is a superior court of record and has the jurisdiction and powers conferred on it by this Constitution or any Act of Parliament. (2) The High Court consists of -
High Court. Deputy Registrar, Puan Azureen Sahira Binti Sauffee Afandi, confirmed that all matters involving the physical attendance of the lawyers and the public are adjourned to a date to be notified. Cases scheduled online (ie e-Review, email, Skype, Zoom etc) will proceed as scheduled. The High Court Officersduty roster is attached as APPENDIX-5
High Court finds, that—
High Court when asked to set aside an award, may, where appropriate and so requested by a party, suspend the setting aside proceedings for a period of time determined by it in order to give the arbitral tribunal an opportunity to resume the arbitral proceedings or to take such other action as in the arbitral tribunal’s opinion will eliminate the grounds for setting aside.
High Court finds, that –