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  • In an optional third year, participants continue teaching and are eligible to undertake a leadership qualification.As part of the programme, trainees have one day a week off timetable to work towards the RIS aims (to increase and disseminate subject expertise, to promote research, and to champion university access).

  • Any such suspension shall be communicated to Members, giving reasonable notice of such suspension, by means of an RIS.

  • The programme is similar to RIS but is targeted specifically at postdoctoral maths and physics trainees and the third year of the programme is compulsory rather than optional.

  • Researchers in schools‌Researchers in Schools (RIS) is an employment-based teacher training programme delivered by the charity, The Brilliant Club, for individuals who have completed or are finishing a PhD.

  • When using optical disks for electronic records storage and retrieval systems, UNE complies with the NRC guidance in Generic Letter 88-18, "Plant Record Storage on Optical Disks." UNE will manage the storage of QA Records in electronic media consistent with the intent of RIS 2000-18 and associated NIRMA Guidelines TG 11- 1998, TG15-1998, TG16-1998, and TG21-1998.

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RIS means a regulatory information service that is on the list of approved regulatory information services maintained by the FCA;
RIS means “Research and Information System for Developing Countries”, herein after referred RIS;