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Do not include here taxonomic lists of species present – these may be supplied as supplementary information to the RIS.

Once completed, the RIS (and accompanying map(s)) should be submitted to the Ramsar Secretariat.

The RIS should be completed in accordance with the attached Explanatory Notes and Guidelines for completing the Information Sheet on Ramsar Wetlands.

Compilers are strongly advised to read this guidance before filling in the RIS.

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RIS means a regulatory information service that is on the list of approved regulatory information services maintained by the FCA;
RIS means a service of the kind commonly known as a regulatory infor- mation service;
RIS any channel recognised as a channel for the dissemination of information as defined in the glossary of terms in the AIM Rules; "TPI Affiliate" any holding company of TPI and the current and former directors, officers and employees of TPI as the case may be;