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  • The objectives of the present work were to investigate the irradiation defects and radiation-induced segregation (RIS) using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and atom probe tomography (APT) in the proton-irradiated 316 austenitic SS and to discuss their influence on IASCC.

  • If a member of the team personnel does not have the corresponding certifications, they will not be allowed to sit on the bench.Respect in Sport (RIS) certification can be obtained through the following website: https://sasksrc.respectgroupinc.com/secure/.

  • Irradiation of materials with particles that are sufficiently energetic to create atomic displacements can induce a significant microstructural alteration, such as dislocation loops, network dislocations, dislocation channeling, radiation induced precipitation (RIP), voids, cavities, RIS and so on [4].

  • As a result, the combined effect of hardening, RIS and localized deformation by irradiation can significantly reduce the resistance to IASCC of a structural material under irradiation.

  • The NRC is revising RIS 2005–29 (ML15014A469) to inform addressees of concerns identified during recent license amendment reviews.Specifically, licensing bases, as documented in final safety analysis reports (FSARs), updated FSARs (UFSARs), or design control documents (DCDs), failed to demonstrate that anticipated operational occurrences (AOOs, Condition II events) would not progress to more serious events (Condition III or IV events).

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RIS means the interconnected transmission systems in the Pacific Northwest.
RIS means a regulatory information service that is on the list of approved regulatory information services maintained by the FCA;
RIS means a regulatory information service authorised by the FCA to release regulatory announcements to the London Stock Exchange
RIS means a regulated information service for the purposes of giving information relating to the ETC Securities and/or the rules of the Relevant Stock Exchange chosen by the Issuer from time to time, including but not limited to the Regulatory News Service (the “RNS”) of the London Stock Exchange andthe Business Wire Regulatory Disclosure provided by Business Wire Europe Ltd, a Berkshire Hathaway Company.
RIS means “Research and Information System for Developing Countries”, herein after referred RIS;