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Sorbent means a material that is used to soak up free liquids by either adsorption or absorption, or both. “Sorb” means to either adsorb or absorb, or both.
Sorbent means materials essen- tially inert and insoluble used to re- move oil from water through a variety of sorption mechanisms. Examples in- clude straw, expanded perlite, poly- urethane foam, reclaimed paper fibers, and peat moss.
Sorbent means a solid material, often in a powder or granular form, which acts to retain another substance, usually on the sorbent’s surface, thereby removing the other substance from the gas or liquid phase. The sorbent and the second material bond together at the molecular or atomic scale via physiochemical interactions. A substance is not a sorbent based on an ability to absorb heat or thermal energy.

Examples of Sorbent in a sentence

  • These values may change with different plant configurations.2For a more thorough explanation and for the calculation of Nominal Sorbent Loss, see below.3 For the calculation of the updated Heat-to-Electricity Efficiency, see below.

  • Experimental First-Pass Method for Testing and Comparing Sorbent Polymers Used in the Clearance of Iodine Contrast Materials.

  • The total sorbent loss, which requires makeup sorbent (called Sorbent (lb/hr) on the Get Results, CO2 Capture, Diagram screen), represents the Nominal Sorbent Loss (lb/ ton CO2) minus the amount of CO2 regenerated in the reclaimer.

  • Updated Amine Usage for the Advanced Capture System For the advanced amine-based CO2 capture system, the Nominal Sorbent Loss (lb/ton CO2) represents the amount of sorbent that has been lost due to unwanted polymerization and oxidation reactions.

  • The Sorbent Oxidation Loss line has been collapsed into Nominal Sorbent Loss to reflect the lack of detailed information on this parameter available for advanced amine capture systems.Figure 8.

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Sorbent means a substance or material that takes up and holds oil by either adsorption or absorption.
Sorbent means a material that is used to soak
Sorbent means a material used to absorb or adsorb liquids or gases. (428431) “Sour natural gas” ***
Sorbent means rigid, porous material, such as char- coal, used to remove vapor or gas from the air.
Sorbent means non-catalytic adsorbent and/or absorbent which can adsorb and/or absorb materials such as sulfur containing molecules.
Sorbent means materials essentially inert and insoluble used to
Sorbent means a substance or material that takes up and holds oil by either adsorption or absorption. (73) “Special flood hazard area” or “area of special flood hazard” has the meaning stated in 44 CFR §59.1.