T&Cs definition

T&Cs means the terms of these Terms and Conditions and the terms of the Special Conditions (and if there is any inconsistency between the terms of these Terms and Conditions and the terms of the Special Conditions, then the terms of the Special Conditions will take precedence).

Examples of T&Cs in a sentence

  • The TC may also be the smaller of the two cyclones, or the model may be applied to two TCs of similar sizes in which the tracks of both TCs will be affected (from Carr and Elsberry 2000a).

  • Ultimately, should all TCs fail within the test, temperature control may be based on predictive thermal analyses, augmented by analyses of fission product gas release, which is sensitive to temperature.TC drift will be monitored by analyses.

  • Temperature in the graphite holders will be monitored using TCs (see Section 3.3.1) and temperature in each capsule will be controlled by varying the sweep gas composition (between 100% helium for high conductivity and 100% neon for low conductivity).A particular range of irradiation temperature has been selected for each capsule, in order to achieve the desired fuel compact temperature distribution in the test train (see Section 4.2).

  • For this reason, TCs of these types were not selected for the high-temperature capsules and HTIR TCs were used in locations expected to experience temperatures above 1200°C (see below).A summary of TC type and placement within the test train is provided in Table 10.

  • Measurements from the control TCs provide feedback to the automated sweep gas control system, which adjusts gas blend to maintain reference temperatures.AGR-5/6/7 TCs have an as-installed accuracy of at least ±2% of reading as required by the test specifications.

More Definitions of T&Cs

T&Cs means these General Terms and Conditions, Genome Fees and Charges, as well as any other documents supplemented hereto;
T&Cs and “User Terms” shall mean these Customer terms and conditions.
T&Cs means throttle control solenoid.
T&Cs means Town Collection System (TCS). All sanitary sewer lines owned and maintained by the Town.
T&Cs means the Supplier’s terms and conditions of sale as may be amended by the Supplier from time to time.