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  • HUD has determined that the change is necessary to better serve eligible persons within the geographic area and to ensure that the priorities established under the Notice of Funding Availability in which the grant was originally awarded, or the most recent NOFA, are met.

  • To further enable consumers to identify the farms they want to support with their food dollars, CT NOFA is using the Xxxxxx’x Pledge, a separate and distinct program from USDA Certified Organic.

  • ATTACHMENT G: AGENCY NOFA APPLICATION Application Attached below.

  • Additionally, the housing budget trailer xxxx, SB 197, gives the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) the ability to issue Project Homekey awards on a continuous, over-the-counter basis rather than issuing a new notice of funding availability (NOFA) each fiscal year.

  • The CDFI Fund will post through its website responses to reoccurring questions received about the NOFA and Application.

More Definitions of NOFA

NOFA means Notice Of Funding Availability. A NOFA refers to a process that informs the public that funding is available for a specific purpose and can be requested through an application process.
NOFA means the Notice of Funds Availability, published in the Federal Register at 74 Fed. Reg. 33104.
NOFA means Notice of Funding Availability. A NOFA is posted to inform the public that funding for the Program is available and that proposals involving the use of the funds will be accepted.
NOFA means the Notice of Funding Opportunity issued by CPA on , 2023