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  • You are required to include a Supportive Services Plan that describes the supportive services proposed to be provided to the anticipated occupants, including a description of the public or private funds that are expected to fund the proposed services and the manner in which the services will be provided to the proposed residents (see Exhibit 5 in Section IV.B. of this NOFA).

  • Private nonprofit organizations and nonprofit consumer cooperatives that meet the threshold requirements contained in the General Section and Section III.C.2. of this NOFA are the only eligible applicants under this Section 202 program.

  • HUD will rateapplications that successfully complete technical processing using the Rating Factors set forth below and in accordance with the application submission requirements in this NOFA.

  • Ranking and Selection Procedures.Applications submitted in response to the advertised metropolitan allocations or nonmetropolitan allocations that have a total base score of 75 points ormore (without the addition of RC/EZ/ EC–II bonus points) and meet all of the applicable threshold requirements of the General Section and this NOFA will be eligible for selection, and HUD will place them in rank order per metropolitan or nonmetropolitan allocation.

  • The development cost limits can be found in Section IV.E.3. of this NOFA.

More Definitions of NOFA

NOFA means Notice Of Funding Availability. A NOFA refers to a process that informs the public that funding is available for a specific purpose and can be requested through an application process.
NOFA means the Notice of Funds Availability, published in the Federal Register at 74 Fed. Reg. 33104.
NOFA means a notice of funding availability and constitutes a solicitation document as hereinafter defined.¶