Definition of TDP

TDP means the trust distribution procedures for the Plan Trust, substantially in the form attached as Exhibit "G" to the Plan, as it may be modified from time to time in accordance with the terms of the TDP and the Plan Trust Agreement.
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Examples of TDP in a sentence

CATEGORY 0006 |A | TDP_________ TM ________ OTHER ______________ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D.
With respect to Plan Trust Asbestos Claims, distributions to the holders of Plan Trust Asbestos Claims shall be made in accordance with the Plan Trust Agreement and/or the TDP, as applicable.
CATEGORY: A TDP ____ TM _____ OTHER ________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ D.
The TDP shall apply to all holders of Asbestos Personal Injury Claims and future Demands, including any such holder who elects to resort to the legal system and obtains a judgment for money damages.
Initial determinations involving the sanctioning (exclusion, suspension, or termination) of TDP providers shall be appealed directly to the hearing level.