EMS definition

EMS means the respective Energy Management Systems utilized by the Parties to manage the flow of energy within their Regions.

Examples of EMS in a sentence

  • Do not use a rear-facing child restraint system in a rear-facing EMS provider’s seat.

  • EMS may transport any patient perceived to be viable, or if scene dynamics or public perception necessitates transport.

  • Chief Cornett said that while the island overall experienced at 6% decrease in vehicle collisions, there was a significant increase in collisions on the Connector which he attributes to distracted driving, some of which is likely caused by slower moving traffic and drivers following too closely.He said there was a 41-second decrease in EMS response time while police and fire response times increased island-wide.

  • In the event of such injury to myself or my child, if or when my spouse or I cannot be contacted I give permission to MRPT staff to make medical decisionseither to provide first aid treatment, provide physical therapy or call EMS as would be normal, and I agree to pay the usual charge for such treatment.

  • Once all hospitals in a region are on ED Divert or Critical, patient transports by EMS will be distributed in an equitable fashion across facilities as determined through the coordination with local dispatch centers, EMS agencies, and hospitals in a region.

More Definitions of EMS

EMS means emergency medical services where Emergency Medical Technicians, Emergency Medical Technicians – Advanced, Paramedics and Emergency Medical Dispatchers are employed.