Architectural Review Committee definition

Architectural Review Committee or “ARC” shall mean the architectural review committee established by the Organization to review plans submitted to the Organization for architectural review.
Architectural Review Committee shall have the meaning set forth in Section 12(d).
Architectural Review Committee also called “ARC” shall mean a standing committee of the OHHOA. ARC carries out its responsibility on behalf of all Members of Oyster Harbour to establish an aesthetically pleasing environment for the protection of property values.

Examples of Architectural Review Committee in a sentence

  • Review of Administrative and Architectural Review Committee approvals since September 26, 2013: Administrative ReviewsDR-13-00334 814 Massachusetts Street; Commercial Remodel; State Preservation Law Review and Downtown Urban Conservation Overlay District Review.

  • Screening of these units with vegetation or lattice (not to exceed 4 feet in height) may be permitted if approved by the Architectural Review Committee.

More Definitions of Architectural Review Committee

Architectural Review Committee or "ARC" shall mean the Declarant until turnover and thereafter shall refer to the Board of Directors unless the Board has appointed a separate body to carry out the functions described in Article 6 in which case "ARC" shall refer to this body.
Architectural Review Committee. (ARC) shall mean a Standing Committee, established by the BCA By-Laws, with membership approved by the BCA Board of Directors
Architectural Review Committee or “ARC” means the Architectural Review Committee as established and empowered in Section 6 of this Declaration.
Architectural Review Committee or the “ARC” means the committee established pursuant to Article 6 of this Declaration to review plans and specifications for the construction or modification of improvements and to administer and enforce the architectural controls described in Article 6.
Architectural Review Committee or "ARC" shall mean the committee or committees established by the Board of Directors to regulate the design and construction of improvements on the Lots. All references in the Declaration to the Architectural Review Committee refer to each such committee, with respect to matters concerning that portion of the Property within the jurisdiction of such committee from time to time.
Architectural Review Committee means the committee of the Master Association to be created pursuant to Article 11 of this Declaration.
Architectural Review Committee or “A.R.C” means the committee of the Master Association which makes determinations concerning architectural standards for the Property as provided in Section 8 of this Master Declaration.