Renewal Fee definition

Renewal Fee means the fee that Borrower must pay Coast upon renewal of this Agreement pursuant to Section 9.1 hereof, in the amount set forth on the Schedule.
Renewal Fee means a fee in an amount established by the SFMTA Board, payable as a condition for renewal of a permit, and including any late payment penalties or interest for failure to pay in accordance with the requirements of this Article or any other regulation adopted by the SFMTA Board.
Renewal Fee means the fees payable by you under this Agreement to us for the Subscription during the Renewal Period (excluding VAT and all other relevant taxes, where applicable), as detailed by us from time to time including through our website, as part of a written quotation or renewal;

Examples of Renewal Fee in a sentence

  • The Renewal Fee shall be paid in full at the time of the transfer by the ICANN-Accredited Registrar receiving sponsorship of the domain name.

  • The Renewal Fee shall be paid in full by Registrar sponsoring the domain name at the time of renewal.

  • In connection with that extension, PIR will charge a Renewal Fee for the requested extension as provided in item 2 above.

  • By checking this box and signing below, Licensee consents to the Automatic Payment Program for the License Renewal Fee and hereby pre-authorizes IDS Inc., to initiate charges to the credit card account indicated above to pay the License Renewal Fee associated with the renewal of the Reservation Services License.

  • PIR will charge a fee per annual increment of a renewal of a Registered Name (the "Renewal Fee") in the Registry TLD.

More Definitions of Renewal Fee

Renewal Fee means a percentage, not to exceed 25%, of the then current Initial Franchise Fee, which Franchisor charges Franchisee for entering into a new Franchise Agreement for an additional franchise term.
Renewal Fee refers to the payment to be made by the FRANCHISEE to the FRANCHISER towards renewal of the Agreement beyond the term mentioned hereunder as per the prescribed rate or amount as mentioned hereunder.
Renewal Fee means a fee payable by the Licensee to the Commission on the renewal of this Licence;
Renewal Fee means a fee that the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code, established in Section 13-1a-1, is authorized or required to charge a business entity in connection with the business entity's periodic renewal of its status with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code.
Renewal Fee means the renewal fee referred to in sections 18(2)(b)(x) and 23 and Schedule 1;
Renewal Fee means a fee equal to 1% of the Investment Amount.
Renewal Fee means the administration fee payable by the Licensee to DACS in order to extend the Term, which shall be calculated in accordance with DACS’ published tariff of licence fees applicable as of the date of renewal;