Relocate definition

Relocate means to move the licence and quota assigned to the licence to a different production facilitythat will continue to operate as a single business enterprise.
Relocate means to remain in another state for more than 45 consecutive days in any 12 month period.
Relocate or “Relocation” means the required vacating of a Residential Unit or Room by a Tenant Household and the moving temporarily into another Unit or Room as a result of repairs required to bring the building or a portion thereof which contains a Residential Unit or Room occupied by the Tenant Household into code compliance whether such repairs are undertaken because of Code Enforcement or through Voluntary Code Compliance as defined below.

Examples of Relocate in a sentence

  • Relocate, at the unmetered Customer’s cost, the secondary conductors of an unmetered service to another designated Supply Point at the Distributor’s request.

  • Site value £400,000 (cleared) Demolition costs not identified Norman Tailyour (Refurbishment)460,000Loses the warden accommodation and communal lounge Relocate the lift.

  • BAAS’s Arguments to Relocate, Reduce, or Modify the Project Should Be Rejected BAAS argues that the Project should be relocated or modified on the purported basis that doing so will “minimize adverse environmental effects on active farming operation in Byron.” BAAS IB at 4.

  • Relocate the log cabin either in the River Park or somewhere in the community, if determined viable and economically feasible by City Council, with input from the River Task Force and Northville Parks and Recreation; however, Planning Commission encourages its use to be a passive, visual use that reminds visitors of Northville’s history.

  • Article 9.13.05 Basis of Payment: – Add the following: The work to remove and reset fence or to remove and relocate fence will be paid at the contract unit price per linear foot for "Remove and Relocate Chain Link Fence" complete in place, which price shall include removal, storage, resetting or relocating the fence including placement of new concrete foundations, and all material, equipment, tools and labor incidental thereto.

More Definitions of Relocate

Relocate means to do one of the following:
Relocate means a change in principal residence either permanently or for a protracted period of time. [2000 c 21 § 2.]
Relocate or “Relocation” means the physical movement of a source outside of its existing plant boundaries.
Relocate means to remove and establish in a new place, and may include, if necessary to conform a property's access to the provisions of the State Highway Access Management Manual, merging or combining non-conforming access with other existing access so as to eliminate the non-conformance. In such event, the property owner or permittee, if applicable, may be required to remove all physical elements of the non-conforming access, such as curb cuts and surfacing material, and install curbing, barriers, or other physical separators to prevent continued use of the access.
Relocate means to move a source from one geographical location to another. The term does not include minimal moves within the facility boundaries.
Relocate means to transfer an existing dealership operation to facilities at a different location, including a transfer that results in a consolidation or dualing of an existing dealer's operation.
Relocate or “relocation” means to ship, transport, or deliver swine by land, water, or air, to different premises, if the ownership of the swine does not change, the prior and new premises are located within the state, and the shipment, transportation, or delivery between the prior and new premises occurs within the state.