Location definition

Location of any Assignor, shall mean such Assignor’s “location” as determined pursuant to Section 9-307 of the UCC.
Location means, with respect to any party, the place such party is located within the meaning of Section 9-307 of the UCC.
Location of any Pledgor has the meaning given such term in Section 9-307 of the UCC.

Examples of Location in a sentence

  • These parameters could include Tender ID, Organization Name, Location, Date, Value, etc.

  • There is also an option of advanced search for tenders, wherein the bidders may combine a number of search parameters such as Organization Name, Form of Contract, Location, Date, Other keywords etc.

  • Such other Location must depend on the continuation of business activities at the Location that sustained direct physical loss or damage caused by a Covered Cause of Loss.

  • Location and type of any electronic or computerized pump monitoring device(s) that must be installed to provide for accurate reporting of gallons pumped.

  • The Suspension must be due to direct physical loss of or damage to Property (of the type insurable under this Policy other than Finished Stock) caused by a Covered Cause of Loss at the Location, or as provided in Off Premises Storage for Property Under Construction Coverages.

More Definitions of Location

Location means premises involving the same or connecting lots, or premises whose connection is interrupted only by a street, roadway, waterway or right-of-way of a railroad.
Location of any Person shall mean such Person’s “location” as determined pursuant to Section 9-307 of the Uniform Commercial Code of the State of New York.
Location means a particular parcel of land that may be identified by an address or by other descriptive means.
Location means, with respect to an eNote, the location of such eNote which is established by reference to the MERS eRegistry.
Location means any physical location in this state or any website, call center site, or similar location directed to residents of this state.
Location means a place where services are or could be provided.