mile definition

mile means 5,280 feet.
mile means an international nautical mile of 1,852 metres;
mile means a nautical mile of 1852 metres;

Examples of mile in a sentence

  • Permit Fee and Ton Mile Fee for Self-Propelled Fixed Load Vehicles .

  • The Daily Mile makes primary school children more active, less sedentary and improves their fitness and body composition: a quasi-experimental pilot study.

  • Whilst the Assistant Director could not answer in full at this time, he outlined the position as follows: • Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited (CTIL) signed a contract with the City of London Corporation in March 2017, which gave CTIL permission to install mobile equipment on City owned assets (including rooftops) to improve wireless connectivity across the Square Mile, including the Golden Lane Estate.

  • Please make one mailing list selection below:Holiday Card – Predetermined Criteria: Mail Count Limit: Mile radius: 25 50 75 100 GM Only All makes and modelsService customers that have last visited my service department in 0 - 36 months GM –or– all manufacturers within your choice of 25 - 100 miles (above selection) of the dealer zip code (excludes fleet).

  • The application also proposes the formation of a taxi drop-off point on Marsh Wall 7.4 PA/09/1961 438-480 Mile EndRoad, E1.Demolition of existing structures and erection of a new building ranging from3 to 9 storeys to provide a new education facility comprising teaching accommodation and associated facilities, student housing, cycle and car- parking, refuse and recycling facilities.

More Definitions of mile

mile means 1,852 metres;
mile means an international nautical mile that is to say a distance of 1,852 metres;
mile means an international nautical mile of 1852 metres;
mile means nautical mile as used in this permit, or 6076.1 feet or 1.852 kilometers.
mile means a nautical mile being a distance of six thousand and eighty feet; “money” means cash or a bearer negotiable instrument;
mile means statute mile.
mile means the international nautical mile;