Personal Knowledge Sample Clauses

Personal Knowledge. As of Purchaser's execution of this Agreement, Purchaser (i) has a preexisting personal and business relationship with the Corporation (ii) is thoroughly familiar with the Corporation's operations and its financial condition and (iii) has such knowledge and experience in financial and business matters (including experience with investments of a similar nature), that Purchaser is capable of evaluating the merits and risks of an investment in the Shares. PURCHASER RECOGNIZES THAT THE PURCHASE OF THE SHARES IS A SPECULATIVE INVESTMENT THAT INVOLVES A HIGH DEGREE OF RISK AND IS SUITABLE ONLY FOR PERSONS WITH THE FINANCIAL CAPABILITY OF MAKING AND HOLDING LONG-TERM INVESTMENTS NOT READILY REDUCIBLE TO CASH.
Personal Knowledge. Preface to the Torchbook Edition, page x.
Personal Knowledge. The Project Inspector(s) shall have personal knowledge obtained by conducting inspections of all parts of the Work of construction in all stages of its progress to assure that the Work as installed and constructed is in accordance with the DSA approved Construction Contract Documents, including DSA approved modifications thereto.
Personal Knowledge. 72, 364, 369-373 passim. Polanyi’s characterizations of social science as “positivistic” and “behaviorist” do not, of course, do justice to the vast range of social science views in the first half of the twintieth century, when he was writing. Polanyi was likely aware that other views of social science existed, particularly various Marxist writers who had their own takes on normative social science. Some Marxists were overtly humanistic, while others covertly indulged in the “moral inversion” that Polanyi criticized. However, Polanyi seems to regard his characterizations as apt for the prevailing model of social science in Britain and the US at the time of his writing. This model, most visible in Skinner’s writings, centered on a mechanistic image of both human and animal mental processes, and pretended, in a self-deceiving way, to be “objective” and “value- free.” It is this model for which he seeks to establish an alternative. (Also, see his discussion of historiographyat SM, 100 – 102.)
Personal Knowledge. 21.12.1 A reference to a matter being to the knowledge of a person means the matter is to the best of the knowledge and belief of the person after making proper enquiry including enquiry which a reasonable person would be prompted to make by reason of knowledge of a fact.
Personal Knowledge. I am familiar with the terms of the Credit Agreement, each of the other Loan Documents and the Spin, and I have personal knowledge of the matters covered by this Certificate, or I have consulted with other officers or representatives of the Loan Parties whose duties and responsibilities make them knowledgeable with respect to such matters and in whom I have confidence.

Related to Personal Knowledge

  • Full Knowledge By their signatures, the parties acknowledge that they have carefully read and fully understand the terms and conditions of this Agreement, that each party has had the benefit of counsel, or has been advised to obtain counsel, and that each party has freely agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  • Relationship Manager Inquiry for Actual Knowledge In addition to the electronic and paper record searches described above, the Reporting Indian Financial Institution must treat as a U.S. Reportable Account any High Value Account assigned to a relationship manager (including any Financial Accounts aggregated with such High Value Account) if the relationship manager has actual knowledge that the Account Holder is a Specified U.S. Person.

  • Knowledge Whenever a representation or warranty or other statement in this Agreement (including, without limitation, Schedule I hereto) is made with respect to a Person's "knowledge," such statement refers to such Person's employees or agents who were or are responsible for or involved with the indicated matter and have actual knowledge of the matter in question.

  • Disclosure to Representatives Recipient agrees that it shall maintain the Confidential Information in strict confidence and that the Confidential Information shall not, without Provider’s prior written consent, be disclosed by Recipient or by its affiliates, or their respective officers, directors, partners, employees, agents, or representatives (collectively, “Representatives”) in any manner whatsoever, in whole or in part, and shall not be used by Recipient or by its Representatives other than in connection with the Solicitation and the evaluation or negotiation of the Agreement; provided that, PG&E may use Confidential Information, consolidated with other market information and not specifically attributed to the Provider, to analyze or forecast market conditions or prices, for its own internal use or in the context of regulatory or other proceedings. Moreover, Recipient agrees to transmit the Confidential Information only to such of its Representatives who need to know the Confidential Information for the sole purpose of assisting Recipient with such permitted uses, as applicable; provided that, Recipient shall inform its Representatives of this Confidentiality Agreement and secure their agreement to abide in all material respects by its terms. In any event, Recipient shall be fully liable for any breach of this Confidentiality Agreement by its Representatives as though committed by Recipient itself.