Regulating Authority definition

Regulating Authority means the Louisiana Gaming Control Board (or any successor thereto).
Regulating Authority means any federal, state county or local entity which has the ability to enforce laws regulations or requirements upon the Contractor.
Regulating Authority means an entity established by or under any law which is responsible for regulating an industry or sector of an industry.

Examples of Regulating Authority in a sentence

  • All the admissions are subject to approval of Admissions Regulating Authority after Cut-off date.

  • Secondary (2) The State Government may by notification, constitute an Additional Authority in a District having Provisions of rules 3 to 8 shall apply mutatis-mutandis to additional Regulating Authority.

  • The candidate should verify the fee structure of State/ Institutional / NRI Quota Seats prescribed by Fee Regulating Authority, before filling online preferences.

  • The decision of the Regulating Authority shall be communicated to the institution in writing by the Chairman and he shall pass an order to this effect which shall be binding.

  • If found necessary the members of the Regulating Authority may visit the institution concerned, make local enquiry and ascertain the factual position regarding the petition filed by the parent upon examining the evidence stated in the petition and other records with a view to verifying the truth of the petition.

More Definitions of Regulating Authority

Regulating Authority means any federal, state, local authority or professional organization that must first license an individual or business prior to receiving a business license. The regulating authority includes such entities as the Utah Division of Occupational and professional licensing, the local health department, the Utah State Bar, the fire Marshall or related designee, the local planning commission and land use authority and similar authorities.
Regulating Authority. , in relation to any area, means the police officer who, in terms of section four, is the regulating authority for that area;
Regulating Authority means the Louisiana Gaming Control Board.
Regulating Authority means the Admissions Regulating Authority under section 7 or the Fees Regulating Authority under section 11, as the case may be ;
Regulating Authority means the relevant body or bodies or their successors responsible for the Rules and regulating the parties in the Territory.
Regulating Authority means the person, body or authority having jurisdiction over the shore or inland waters concerned;
Regulating Authority. National Bank of Republic of Kazakhstan. “The conflict of interests” is situation, by which the interests of Company and its obligations (as Attorney and commissioner of its Client) are not agreed with each other. “The best price” will mean- • In case of a sale of securitiesmaximum bid price for securities of such type, • In case of a purchase of securitiesminimal offer price for securities of such type.