Offer Price definition

Offer Price has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
Offer Price means the highest price per Share paid in any Offer that is in effect at any time during the period beginning on the ninetieth day prior to the date on which a Limited Right is exercised and ending on and including the date of exercise of such Limited Right. Any securities or property that comprise all or a portion of the consideration paid for Shares in the Offer shall be valued in determining the Offer Price at the higher of (i) the valuation placed on such securities or property by the person or persons making such Offer, or (ii) the valuation, if any, placed on such securities or property by the Committee or the Board.
Offer Price or “Purchase Price” means the sum to be paid by investor(s) for the purchase of one Unit of the Scheme. Such price is to be determined in accordance with Clause 12.2 of this Trust Deed.

Examples of Offer Price in a sentence

  • If the strike price is adjusted pursuant to the terms and conditions of the warrant agreements, the Offer Price for the Warrants is adjusted so as to equal the Offer Price for the Shares less the adjusted strike price for each Warrant.

  • On the same day, the Parent Company and CPI entered into a Subscription Agreement wherein CPI has agreed to subscribe for the new common shares to be issued by the Parent Company in an amount equal to the number of the Offer Shares sold by CPI at a price equal to the Offer Price.

  • However, given, inter alia, the size of the Disposal relative to the size of the Company and the transaction complexities which would have been introduced, it was considered not practical to do so.Shareholders should be aware that the Global Offer may proceed notwithstanding that the Offer Price may be outside the Offer Price Range, but only if to do so is considered by the Directors to be reasonable and in the best interests of Shareholders as a whole.

  • Under this agreement, each of the Selling Shareholders will pay a commission equal to 2% of the Offer Price multiplied by the number of shares to be sold by that Selling Shareholder to the joint Underwriters.

  • At the time of the Circular, the Offer Price Range for the Global Offer had not been determined and the Prospectus relating to the Global Offer had not been published.

More Definitions of Offer Price

Offer Price means the price per share at which share are offered to the eligible investors in case of Fixed Price method;
Offer Price shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(a).
Offer Price has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1(a).
Offer Price is defined in Recital A of the Agreement.
Offer Price has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 2.4(j)(i);
Offer Price means the price per share at which shares are offered for sale to the General Public. This may either be the Strike Price or a price at a certain discount to the Strike Price;