Registration Information definition

Registration Information means information about an individual that is collected for the purpose of registering the individual for the provision of health services, and includes the individual’s health services number and any other number assigned to the individual as part of a system of unique identifying numbers that is prescribed in the regulations.
Registration Information means information relating to an individual that falls within the following general categories and is more specifically described in the regulations:
Registration Information means the information provided to the League concerning a player or Team Official upon completion of the Registration Certificate.

Examples of Registration Information in a sentence

  • In addition, I hereby irrevocably waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of my name, town of residence, photograph(s), video(s), voice, likeness and/or Registration Information.

  • You are responsible for providing Provider with accurate and updated (as necessary) account numbers, usernames, passwords and other log-in related information ("Registration Information") so that the mobile banking service can access Account Information.

  • So that you may be better prepared to complete the online assessment, a Registration Information Checklist is available in the Education and Reference/Provider Tools section of our website at

  • Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) Registration Information form if applicable.

  • I hereby irrevocably authorize the New Jersey Division of Lottery or its designee to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish and/or distribute, without any inspection or approval of use by me, my name, town of residence, photograph(s), video(s), voice, likeness and/or Registration Information for purposes of publicizing the New Jersey Lottery or forany other lawful purpose.

More Definitions of Registration Information

Registration Information means copies of the Product Registrations and Manufacturing Registrations and any existing files Related to the Product Registrations and Manufacturing Registrations in the possession of the relevant Seller.
Registration Information means the member’s name, telephone number, email and physical addresses, salary payment date and any other personal information requested by the company.
Registration Information means such information and/or documents as may be required by Validus from time to time, and which must be uploaded onto this website or the Platform during the registration process (including copies of relevant passports, other identification documents, proof of address and proof of authorisation or ownership of such information), and/or provided upon request to Validus;
Registration Information has the meaning stated in Clause 14.2.
Registration Information means all information maintained in the general index to the affidavits of registration whether set forth on electronic data processing tapes or tabulating cards pursuant to Elections Code Section 607 or in indices of registered voters pursuant to Elections Code Section 607 and includes all information partially or solely derived from the aforementioned information, whether displayed, transmitted or stored in any format or on any media whatsoever.
Registration Information means copies of the Product Registrations, together with copies of correspondence between Seller or any of its Affiliates, on the one hand, and any Governmental Entity, on the other, and any other existing files and dossiers, including design history files, technical files, drawings, product specifications, manufacturing process descriptions, validation documentation, packaging specifications and quality control standards, in each case relating to the Product Registrations or to the underlying data or information used to support, maintain or obtain any Product Registration.