Property or premises definition

Property or premises means a facility's buildings and adjoining grounds that are managed by a person or agency in charge.
Property or premises means your buildings and grounds adjacent to your residential property that are owned or managed by you.

Examples of Property or premises in a sentence

  • The Company at any time before payment of a Claim and notwithstanding that an offer of settlement has been made instead of paying the amount of the loss or damage in respect of any Property or the premises may make it good by reinstating or replacing any of the Property stolen or repairing the premises damaged or such items or part thereof as the Company may think fit and paying the amount of the loss or damage in respect of the residue of such Property or premises.

  • Must be DCPS Graduate.• LGBT Youth Scholarship Awards: $10,000 to offset college expenses.

  • Provided that if the Company elects to replace any property or reinstate any premises the Company in making good the loss or damage shall not be bound to replace or reinstate such Property or premises exactly and completely but only to do so substantially as nearly as circumstances permit and in a reasonably sufficient manner.

  • Property or premises means a single address, or if two or more addresses are joined for purposes of one use, then that collective group of addresses shall be considered to be one property or premises.

  • In case where any of the Property or premises are insured elsewhere the Company may join with any other insurance company or insurers in replacing or reinstating the same.

  • No person shall connect or attempt to connect, or allow to be connected, or allow to remain connected to the System any Property or premises otherwise than in accordance with the provisions of this Bylaw.

  • Property or premises shall also mean any lot, plot or parcel of land without any structures thereon.

  • Buyer’s failure to expressly approve or disapprove of any such proposed Lease termination, amendment, modification, expansion, renewal, or lease assignment or sublease for any part of any Property or premises therein within said five (5) business day period shall conclusively constitute Buyer’s approval of same prior to the Investigation Period Expiration Date and thereafter shall constitute rejection of the proposed action.

  • No notice or advertisement visible from the -------------------------- exterior of the Property or premises will be permitted without prior written approval of Landlord.

  • As of November 3, 2008, the cash value of the Annuity was $30,431.13.To the extent the “Conclusions of Law” contain items which should be considered “Findings of Fact,” those findings of fact are incorporated herein by this reference.

Related to Property or premises

  • the Premises means the building or part of the building booked and referred to in the contract

  • Leased Property shall have the meaning given such term in Section 2.1.

  • Demised Premises or “Premises” (and whether or not capitalized) is used herein, it shall be understood to mean the “premises leased hereby”; and whenever the term “Entire Premises” is used herein (and whether or not capitalized), it shall be understood to mean all of the contiguous land and buildings owned by Landlord at this location, which include the premises leased hereby. The term “Non-leased Premises” shall mean the Entire Premises less the Leased Premises.

  • School premises means either of the following:

  • residential premises means a house, building, structure, shelter, or mobile home, or portion thereof, used as a dwelling, home, residence, or living place by 1 or more human beings. “Residential premises” includes an apartment unit, a boardinghouse, a rooming house, a mobile home, a mobile home space, and a single or multiple family dwelling, but does not include a hotel, a motel, motor home, or other tourist accommodation, when used as a temporary accommodation for guests or tourists, or premises used as the principal place of residence of the owner and rented occasionally during temporary absences including vacation or sabbatical leave.

  • Customer Premises Equipment or "CPE" means equipment employed on the premises of a Person other than a Carrier to originate, route or terminate Telecommunications (e.g., a telephone, PBX, modem pool, etc.).

  • Building Project means the aggregate combined parcel of land on a portion of which are the improvements of which the Premises form a part, with all the improvements thereon, said improvements being a part of the block and lot for tax purposes which are applicable to the aforesaid land.

  • Customer Premises means premises owned, controlled or occupied by the Customer which are made available for use by the Supplier or its Sub-Contractors for provision of the Services (or any of them);

  • Residential rental property means property that is used solely as leased or rented property for residential purposes. If the property is a space rental mobile home park, residential rental property includes the rental space that is leased or rented by the owner of that rental space but does not include the mobile home or recreational vehicle that serves as the actual dwelling if the dwelling is owned and occupied by the tenant of the rental space and not by the owner of the rental space.

  • Premises means the location where the Services are to be supplied, as set out in the Specification.

  • Subtenant means any Person entitled to occupy, use, or possess any Premises under a Sublease.

  • eligible premises means premises located entirely within an industrial business zone. For any eligible business, an industrial business zone credit will not be granted with respect to more than one eligible premises.