Proper design definition

Proper design and "properly designed" means designed in accordance with the design requirements and specifications contained in the "Manual for Erosion and Sediment Control in Georgia" (Manual) published by the State Soil and Water Conservation Commission as of January 1 of the year in which the land-disturbing activity was permitted and amendments to the Manual as approved by the State Soil and Water Conservation Commission up until the date of NOI submittal.

Examples of Proper design in a sentence

  • Provisio Proper design and processing according to our recommendations.

  • Proper design, installation, and maintenance of best management practices shall constitute a complete defense to any action by the Director or to any other allegation of noncompliance with paragraph (2) of this subsection or any substantially similar terms contained in a permit for the discharge of storm water issued pursuant to subsection (f) of O.C.G.A. 12-5-30, the "Georgia Water Quality Control Act".

  • Proper design requires the blending of safe roadway layout and grade with minimization of impacts on the existing terrain and environment.

  • Proper design layout, protective device and prevention measures for outbreak of fire shall be ensured.

  • Proper design also ensures the proper application rates are being used.

  • Proper design of compartments is necessary to ensure good distribution of circulating air so that all parts of the cargo spaces are maintained at the same temperature level.

  • Proper design, stiffening / structural members should be provided for strength and rigidity.

  • FIFE sets the direction of computing at Fermilab experiments now and in the future, and therefore is a major driver in the design of computing services world wide.

  • Identify All Available Control TechnologiesThe following is a list of control technologies, which were identified for controlling PM10 / PM2.5 emissions: • Good combustion practices;• Use of low sulfur gaseous fuels;• Proper design and operation;• Wet gas scrubber;• Electrostatic precipitator (ESP);• Cyclone; and• Baghouse / fabric filters.

  • Proper design of site for areas with steep slopes and land slide problems by a Registered Engineer.b. Site Development Standards -- The following standards shall be used as a guide in determining the suitability of the construction proposed for the particular site in question.

Related to Proper design

  • Purchaser Designee means each individual then serving on the Board of Directors pursuant to the exercise of the Purchaser’s rights pursuant to Section 4.07(a) and/or Section 4.07(e), together with any designee(s) of the Purchaser who is then standing for election to the Board of Directors pursuant to Sections 4.07(a) and (b) or who is being proposed for election by the Purchaser pursuant to Section 4.07(e).

  • Board Designee means an employee of the Board who has been given authority by the Board to carry out a function for the Board (e.g., the Clerk, Assistant Clerk of the Board, or hearing officer).

  • Relevant Nominating Body means, in respect of a benchmark or screen rate (as applicable):

  • Project Director means an employee of the Recipient designated by the Authorized Representative to be responsible for the overall management of the administrative and technical aspects of the executed Agreement. The Project Director is set forth in Section 2 of this Agreement.

  • Project Steering Committee means the committee referred to in Section I.A.1 of Schedule 2 to this Agreement.

  • Development Committee has the meaning set forth in Article 3 of the Amended and Restated Research and Development Agreement.

  • Operating Committee means the Operating Committee of Epoch which meets frequently and is responsible for implementing the Company’s strategy, making operational decisions and overseeing the day-to-day running of the Company.

  • Nominating Committee means the nominating committee of the board of directors of the Company established pursuant to the Articles, or any successor committee.

  • Academic Board means the Academic Board of the University College established under paragraph 13;

  • ESC means erosion and sediment control.

  • Critical infrastructure means existing and proposed systems and assets, whether physical or virtual, the incapacity or destruction of which would negatively affect security, economic security, public health or safety, or any combination of those matters.++

  • Project Committee means a Committee comprising the Minister, the Lord Mayor or Deputy Lord Mayor of the City and the Chairman or Acting Chairman of the Metropolitan Region Planning Authority constituted under and for the purposes of this Agreement;

  • JMC has the meaning set forth in Section 2.6(a).

  • Projects means any and all parcels of real property owned by the Borrower or with respect to which the Borrower owns an interest (whether directly or indirectly) on which are located improvements with a gross leasable area in excess of 50,000 sq. ft. or with respect to which construction and development of such improvements are under development.

  • Nominated sub Contractor means all specialists, merchants, tradesmen and others executing any special work or supplying any materials for which provisional or prime cost sums are included in the contract, who may have been or be nominated or selected or approved by the Employer / Employer’s Engineer and shall be deemed to be employed by the contractor.

  • New Directors means any director whose election by the Board or whose nomination for election by the Company's stockholders was approved by a vote of at least two-thirds of the directors then still in office who were Present Directors or New Directors.

  • Development Team means the entities and professionals assembled to develop and manage the Project, typically including the Applicant, Owner, Developer(s), Co-Developer(s) and general partner or any other related entities in which the Developer or Co-Developer has an identity of interest or a Controlling Interest.

  • Governance Committee means the Governance Committee of the Board.

  • JCC has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.

  • Development Candidate means a pre-clinical Licensed Product which possesses desirable properties of a therapeutic agent for the treatment of a clinical condition based on in vitro and animal proof-of-concept studies.

  • Joint Development Committee or “JDC” has the meaning set forth in Section 3.10.

  • Project Leader has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.

  • Type designation means a combination of letters and numerals assigned by the Government to a major end item, assembly or subassembly, as appropriate, to provide a convenient means of differentiating between items having the same basic name and to indicate modifications and changes thereto.

  • Project Staff means the personnel of Contractor and Subcontractors who provide the Work.

  • JSC has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.

  • Investor Designee means an individual nominated by the Board as a “Investor Designee” for election to the Board pursuant to Section 5.10(a), Section 5.10(d) or Section 5.10(e) of the Investment Agreement.