JMC definition

JMC has the meaning set forth in Section 2.6(a).

Examples of JMC in a sentence

  • The school will use the JMC parent notification system where all parents may elect how they want to receive messages from the school regarding emergency situations, whether it is by phone call or text message.

  • The residual portion refers to the goodwill determined as part of the acquisition of the company JMC Pneus Comercio Importação e Exportação Ltda.

  • The signing of the Ceasefire Agreement in the Nuba Mountains and later the CPA and the monitoring of the ceasefire for two years by JMC, ushered in a new hope to restore the dignity and freedoms of the communities.

  • Within [***] days following the Effective Date, LaNova and TPTX will establish a joint steering committee (“Joint Steering Committee” or “JSC”) to oversee the Development and Manufacture of the Product in the Field in the TPTX Territory and in the LaNova Territory, to resolve any disputes of the JDC, JMC (each, as defined below) or any other subcommittee of the JSC and to serve as a forum for the exchange and discussion of information with respect thereto.

  • The affected Party will notify the other Party of such force majeure circumstances as soon as reasonably practical, the JSC, JDC or JMC, as applicable, will review and discuss any such matter and the affected Party will promptly undertake Commercially Reasonable Efforts necessary to cure such force majeure circumstances.

More Definitions of JMC

JMC means the committee formed by the Parties as described in Section 2.4(a).
JMC means JetFleet Management Corp., a California corporation.
JMC shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 3.6(a).
JMC means The Joint Monitoring Committee established under paragraph 6 of the Ceasefire Agreement;
JMC means the joint management committee comprising representatives of ABX and CuraGen described in Section 3.1 below.
JMC means the joint management committee described in Article 6 of the Collaboration Agreement. If the Collaboration Agreement terminates before this Agreement, then the provisions of the Collaboration Agreement to the necessary to interpret or implement this Agreement shall be incorporated by reference into this Agreement.