Definition of Post-Confirmation Committee

Post-Confirmation Committee means the committee established on the Effective Date with such duties and responsibilities as set forth in Section 7.11 of this Plan.
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Examples of Post-Confirmation Committee in a sentence

The Post-Confirmation Committee shall represent the interests of creditors receiving distributions under the Plan, and shall be responsible for monitoring claims resolution, disbursements under the Plan and such other matters as may be expected to affect creditors receiving distributions under the Plan.
Prior to the Effective Date, as the successor to the Creditors' Committee, the Creditors' Committee shall have established the Post-Confirmation Committee consisting of up to three holders of Allowed Class 8 Claims to be chosen by the Creditors' Committee.
The existence of the Post-Confirmation Committee shall terminate at such time as substantially all distributions to holders of Allowed Class 8 Claims have been made.
The Post-Confirmation Committee shall initially consist of Airport Terminal Services, Air Line Pilots Association International, and John Hancock Funds.
The Post-Confirmation Committee may employ, without further order of the Court, professionals to assist it in carrying out its duties as limited above, including any professionals retained in these Reorganization Cases, and the Reorganized Companies shall pay the reasonable costs and expenses of the Post-Confirmation Committee, including reasonable professional fees, in the ordinary course without further order of the Court, which are not anticipated to exceed $50,000.