Definition of Post-Confirmation Committee

Post-Confirmation Committee means the committee established on the Effective Date with such duties and responsibilities as set forth in Section 7.11 of this Plan.

Examples of Post-Confirmation Committee in a sentence

If, at the conclusion of distributions to a particular Class under the Plan and after consultation with the Post-Confirmation Committee (solely with respect to General Unsecured Claims), the Reorganized Debtors reasonably determine that any remaining distributions allocated for such class are immaterial and would thus be too impractical to distribute or would be of no benefit to its respective distributees, any such remaining distributions will revert to the Reorganized Debtors.
For so long as the General Unsecured Claims reconciliation process shall continue, the Reorganized Companies shall make regular reports to the Post-Confirmation Committee as and when the Reorganized Companies and the Post-Confirmation Committee may reasonably agree upon.
The Post-Confirmation Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) nor more than five (5) members to be appointed by the Creditors Committee and may adopt by-laws governing its conduct.
All other requests for payment of an Administrative Claim (other than as set forth in Articles 10.2 and 10.3 of this Plan and subject to the final sentence of this Article 10.3) must be filed with the Claims Agent and served on counsel for the Reorganizing Debtors, and the Post-Confirmation Committee on or before the Administrative Claim Bar Date.
The Post-Confirmation Committee may employ, without further order of the Court, professionals to assist it in carrying out its duties as limited above, including any professionals retained in these Reorganization Cases, and the Reorganized Companies shall pay the reasonable costs and expenses of the Post-Confirmation Committee, including reasonable professional fees, in the ordinary course without further order of the Court, which are not anticipated to exceed $50,000.