Definition of Pooling Date

Pooling Date means, with respect to any Terminated Loan sold by the Trust to a third party, the date on which the pool in which such Terminated Loan is included is established by the Servicer.
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Examples of Pooling Date in a sentence

Interest rate per annum for the Scheduled Interim Period: 5,61000% Annual Charge applicable to the Scheduled Interim Period: -887% per annum Date of Issuance: 3-13-07 Scheduled Pooling Date: ..
In addition, Seller shall deliver to Buyer within two (2) Business Days of the related Pooling Date for any Certified Mortgage Loan that is a Pooled Mortgage Loan, a duly executed Trade Assignment together with a true and complete copy of the Purchase Commitment with respect to the related Mortgage-Backed Security.
The United States Small Business Administration { ~imum guaranteed disbursement: $ .(only one disbursement * :mitted) .---- {Scheduled Pooling .Date: .
The Buyer shall publish (within the meaning of Accounting Series Release No. 130, as amended, of the SEC) financial results covering at least 30 days of combined operations of the Buyer and the Company as soon as reasonably practicable after the Closing Date (the date such financial results are published shall be referred to herein as the "Pooling Date"), and in any event (assuming the Closing occurs on or before December 1997) no later than February 14, 1998.