Definition of PoC Compound

PoC Compound means a Collaboration Compound resulting from PoC Trials that the JRC (or GSK pursuant to Section 3.1.4(a)) determines has satisfied the PoC Compound Criteria.
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Examples of PoC Compound in a sentence

Unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties, the JRC will schedule an ad hoc meeting not more than [***] after receipt of any such PoC Trial report to review such PoC Trial Report and determine whether or not such Collaboration Compound meets the PoC Compound Criteria.
If the JRC agrees that the Collaboration Compound meets the PoC Compound Criteria, GSK shall have a right to exercise its PoC Option as to such Collaboration Compound pursuant to Section 4.2.
In the event that the PoC Option Deadline Period expires without GSK having exercised its PoC Option with respect to a particular PoC Compound, Anacor shall have the exclusive right, at its sole discretion, to develop such PoC Compound in the Territory in the Field as an Anacor Development Compound and a Product, alone or with any Third Party or through any Sublicensee.
For clarity, amendments to the Candidate Selection Criteria or PoC Compound Criteria require the Parties mutual written agreement.
Following Mediciss election hereunder, at any time during the Back-Up Compound Election Term, Medicis may, upon notice to Anacor, substitute any of the Lead Back-Up Compounds or other Back-Up Compounds in lieu of the PoC Compound elected under Section 4.2.1 or substitute a different Collaboration Compound in lieu of the initially elected Lead Back-Up Compound or other Back-Up Compound.