Compounds definition

Compounds means any or all of the following chemicals, as the context requires:
Compounds means the BioLineRx Compound and the Merck Compound. A “Compound” means either the BioLineRx Compound or the Merck Compound, as applicable.
Compounds means any chemical entity and/or active ingredient which is a selective or non-selective TGR5 receptor agonist or [***], including any Derivative thereof, synthesized by TES or its Affiliates pursuant to work conducted under the Research Program.

Examples of Compounds in a sentence

  • The laboratory shall use analytical methods which are able to meet the lowest appropriate practical quantitation limits (PQL) or estimated quantitation limit (EQL) specified in "Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Wastes, Physical/Chemical Methods", EPA Publication No. SW-846; "Methods for the Determination of Organic Compounds in Drinking Water", EPA, EMSL, EPA-600/4-88/039; and “Methods for the Determination of Organic Compounds in Drinking Water, Supplement III”, EPA 600/R-95/131, August 1995.

  • Standard Specification for Liquid Membrane-Forming Compounds for Curing Concrete.

  • All grievances connected with the facility for voting by electronic means may be addressed to Mr. Rakesh Dalvi, Sr. Manager, (CDSL, ) Central Depository Services (India) Limited, A Wing, 25th Floor, Marathon Futurex, Mafatlal Mill Compounds, N M Joshi Marg, Lower Parel (East), Mumbai - 400013 or send an email to or call on 022-23058542/43.

  • SOx Sulfur Oxide Compounds SP Static Pressure SP SPB Simple Payback SPP Simple Payback Period SPP Small Power Producers STR Stack Temperature Rise SV Specific Volume System System refers to building and related site work elements as described by ASTM Uniformat II Classification for Building Elements (E1557-97) a format for classifying major facility elements common to most buildings.

  • Trowelable Underlayments and Patching Compounds: Latex-modified, portland cement-based formulation provided or approved by manufacturer of tile-setting materials for installations indicated.

More Definitions of Compounds

Compounds means a small molecule HMT inhibitor.
Compounds means the DOV compounds DOV 220,075 and DOV 273,547, the rights to which were licensed by DOV pursuant to the ACY Agreement.
Compounds means any and all of: (A)(I) (+)-alpha-Methylbenzeneethanamine, also known as “amphetamine”, (II) carbamazepine (5H-Dibenz{b,f}azepine-5-carboxyamide), (III) guanfacine (N-(Aminoiminomethyl)-2,6-dichlorobenzeneacetamide), (IV) lanthanum, and (V) mesalamine (5-Amino-2-hydroxybenzoic acid), (B) any isomers, salts, solvates, hydrates, polymorphs, esters, prodrugs, or metabolites of clause (A), and (C) any compound involving forming or breaking a bond or bonds with any of clause (A) or (B) where at least one prophylactic, therapeutic or diagnostic indication of such compound and/or its metabolite is substantially the same as that of any of clause (A) or (B), but excluding 10,11-Dihydro-10-oxo-5H-debenz[b,f]azepine-5-carboxamide, also known as “oxcarbazepine”.
Compounds means the Field A Compound, the Field B Compound and/or the Field C Compound.
Compounds means any oligonucleotide or analogs designed using Antisense Technology for use as a human therapeutic to inhibit a Target as part of the Research Collaboration.
Compounds means the Company Compound and the Merck Compound. A “Compound” means either the Company Compound or the Merck Compound, as applicable.
Compounds means the compound known as L-FMAU, with the chemical name 2’-fluoro-5-methyl-ß-L-arabinofuranosyluracil, including any salts and esters thereof