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Examples of PMU in a sentence

  • Generally, the existing PMU staff are well experienced and have sufficient exposures to operations financed by Multilateral Financial Institutions.

  • And while the PMU was populated in the first quarter of 2019, project implementation did not begin in earnest due to and internal restructuring within DNP.

  • Each IA will appoint a Project Director (PD) and Project Management Unit (PMU) attached to the Chief Engineer / Superintending Engineer in charge of the DSO.

  • To ensure close coordination of the project activities and training programs, operational branches of the PMU will be established at the major stakeholder institutions of the Project.

  • The training participants included a combination of technical and non-technical staff from MECCT and FENAKA(Technical 4, non-technical2).Financial Management:The Project Management Unit (PMU) under the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology for the ASPIRE project (previous World Bank project) shall continue to function as the PMU for the project.

More Definitions of PMU

PMU means the Project Management Unit, Land Records Management and Information Systems, Board of Revenue, Punjab;
PMU means the program management unit established by GDD for the purposes of the Investment Program, that will serve as the project management unit for the Project;
PMU means power mass units, as stated on the certificate of registration for a motor vehicle.