PMU definition

PMU means the Project Management Unit;
PMU means the Project Management Unit, referred to in Section I.A. of the Schedule to this Project Agreement.

Examples of PMU in a sentence

  • The number of grievances recorded and resolved and the outcomes will be displayed/disclosed in the PMU office, municipal office, and on the web, as well as reported in the safeguards monitoring reports submitted to ADB on a semi-annual basis.

  • Contact phone numbers and names of the concerned PIU safeguards assistant, contractors, PMU safeguards officer, PMSC environmental and social safeguards specialists will be posted at all construction sites at visible locations.

  • The PMU has submitted the wayleave notices to all affected persons and obtained their concurrence after conducting consultations along with relevant divisional secretaries who is authorized to provide the approval for the final tower line route.1 These approval letters obtained from divisional secretary of Ambagamuwa Korale divisional secretary divisions and consent letters from other line agencies are presented in the annexure 4.

  • All grievances that cannot be redressed within 7 days at RPMU level will be brought up to the PMU level.

  • Figure 3: Grievance Redress Process GRC = grievance redressal committee; PIU = project implementation unit; PMSC = project management and supervision consultants; PMU = project management unitNote: In case of project towns where impacts to TMRESC are assessed, the PIU-level grievance redress committee/team will have representation of the affected TMRESC.

More Definitions of PMU

PMU means power mass units, as stated on the certificate of registration for a motor vehicle.
PMU means the Project management unit referred to in Section 3.12 of this Agreement;
PMU means the unit set up by the Authority as specified in Article 4.1 to monitor and supervise the activities of the Concessionaire;
PMU means the unit referred to in Section 3.04 of this Agreement;
PMU means the unit referred to in Section I.A.2 of Schedule 2 of this Agreement;