Liquidating Trustee definition

Liquidating Trustee has the meaning set forth in Section 6.2(a).
Liquidating Trustee means such Person as is selected by the Non-Defaulting Partner(s), which Person may include an Affiliate of the Partners. The Liquidating Trustee shall be empowered to give and receive notices, reports and payments in connection with the dissolution, liquidation and/or winding-up of the Partnership, and shall hold and exercise such other rights and powers as are necessary or required to permit all parties to deal with the Liquidating Trustee in connection with the dissolution, liquidation, and/or winding-up of the Partnership.
Liquidating Trustee shall have the meaning assigned thereto in Section 13.2.

Examples of Liquidating Trustee in a sentence

  • The Liquidating Trustee may also authorize the payment of fees and expenses reasonably required in connection with the winding up of the Company and any fees and expenses payable pursuant to any agreement to which the Company is party.

  • Upon the sale of such assets or a determination by the Liquidating Trustee that circumstances no longer require their retention, such assets (at their Fair Value) or the proceeds of their sale shall be taken into account in computing Capital Account on winding up and amounts distributable pursuant to Section 6.2(b), and distributed in accordance with such value.

  • Subject to the requirements of applicable law and the further provisions of this Section 6.2, the Liquidating Trustee shall have discretion in determining whether to sell or otherwise dispose of Company assets or to distribute the same in kind and the timing and manner of such disposition or distribution.

  • Any power of attorney of the Subscriber granted in favor of the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer and the Secretary of the Company and any Liquidating Trustee contained in the Operating Agreement has been executed by the Subscriber in compliance with the laws of the state, province or jurisdiction in which such agreements were executed.

  • While the Company continues to hold assets, the Liquidating Trustee may in its discretion expend funds, acquire additional assets and borrow funds.

More Definitions of Liquidating Trustee

Liquidating Trustee shall have the meaning set forth in Section 13.4(a).
Liquidating Trustee means one or more Persons selected by the Board of Directors to perform the functions described in Section 12.4.
Liquidating Trustee has the meaning set forth in Section 14.3 hereof.
Liquidating Trustee means the Member or such other Person appointed the Member to act in the capacity provided in Article X hereof.
Liquidating Trustee means the person or entity appointed by the Plan Administrator prior to the creation of a Liquidating Trust to administer such Liquidating Trust in accordance with the provisions of Article X of the Plan and a Liquidating Trust Agreement; provided, however, that under no circumstance shall a Liquidating Trustee be a director or officer with respect to any entity over which the Liquidating Trust has control.
Liquidating Trustee means a person carrying out the winding up of a limited liability company.
Liquidating Trustee shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 13.2.