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Peace means Peace Oil Corp., a corporation incorporated under the ABCA;
Peace means living together in brotherhood, harmony, and equal opportunity. We have to live with each other as a family but we have to give ethnics their sovereignty.  Peace is stability and security and an opportunity for our country to develop by any means.  Peace is the most important need of human beings. Peace depends on the needs of the constituency. Peace for government is rule of law.  Peace is an end to our history of fighting, territorial integrity, protection of our sovereignty, and inclusion of all of our people in one country.  Peace is freedom.
Peace. Xxxxx "Xxxxx", seemingly a missionary usage (rongo - to hear i.e. hear the "Word" - the "message" of peace and goodwill). 3 Literally "Chief" ("Rangatira") here is of course ambiguous. Clearly a European could not be a Maori, but the word could well have implied a trustee-like role rather than that of a mere "functionary". Xxxxx speeches at Waitangi in 1840 refer to Xxxxxx being or becoming a "father" for the Maori people. Certainly this attitude has been held towards the person of the Crown down to the present day - hence the continued expectations and commitments entailed in the Treaty.

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  • It also appreciates financial and technical support received from UNDP and UN Women under the Peace Building Fund.

  • The Provincial Peace Committees monitor conflict, report and strengthen peaceful co-existence in their provinces.

  • There is need to promulgate and mainstream a Peace Education Policy or legislation that makes it compulsory for learners from Early Childhood Development to learn peace studies and at least two local languages for socialisation and healing in each region.

  • The National Peace and Reconciliation Commission is an Independent Commission set up in terms of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No 20) Act of 2013.

  • The composition of the Provincial Peace Committees provided for two deputy chairpersons who were chosen along gender binaries.

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Peace. The root word of Shalom means ‘wholeness.’ Something that sounds like a simple word is at the heart, something beautifully complicated. In today’s fragmented world, how are we seeking shalom? Join us during the season of Lent to explore Shalom from various perspectives.”
Peace or "Metafisica," Halsted Urban Progress Center, Halsted Street & Cullerton, Pilsen neighborhood, Chicago, Illinois (USA). Mural by Mario Castillo. "Possibly the first outdoor Chicano mural in the USA." "The first anti Viet Nam war mural. When Castillo painted this, he was not aware of Bill Walker's 'Wall of Respect' which was painted in 1967." No longer exists. Nor does Castillo's 1969 mural "The Wall of Brotherhood." /// From Castillo: "I was the first Mexican-­‐American in the USA. to start painting murals for the new public art movement in 1968, I’m in history books related to this movement... At Lane Technical High School in Chicago, I was surrounded by major fresco works & WPA murals. At the time I was also aware of the pre-­‐Columbian frescos of the Maya & Teotihuacanos & the three major Mexican muralists, Los Tres Grandes Rivera, Orozco & Siqueiros. It was not until 1968 when I painted the first Chicano & first anti Viet Nam war mural, 'Peace' or Metafisica, as it came to be known at the Halsted Urban Progress Center, that I painted a mural outdoors. When I painted this, I was not aware of Bill Walker’s Wall of Respect, which he painted in 1967. I simply was basing my stimulus on what I had done in 1964 at Lane Tech & also my Mexican Heritage. Then in 1969 I painted The Wall of Brotherhood at 18th Street and Halsted Street also in Pilsen. This second mural which was about two blocks away from “Peace” was painted by a group of students from different ethnic backgrounds. Because of this & its theme, The Wall of Brotherhood became the first multicultural mural of the new movement. Both of these murals paid homage to pre-­‐Colombian cultures...” Hunter College of The City University of New York has a PDF archive on line on Mexican American Exterior Murals and on page 411, gives credit to Castillo for his pioneer work: xxxx:// UCLA Chicano Studies Center Archive: Reference Castillo’s correspondence and the CARA Papers regarding Muralism & the UCLA National Silkscreen Atelier. xxxx://­‐ Getty Conservation Institute: John Weber’s essay on Pg. 8 of this PDF mentions Castillo’s pioneer mural work: xxxx:// Politics and Practice of Community Public Art: “In 1968 in Pilsen, Mario Castillo painted what was possibly the first outdoor Chicano mural in the c...
Peace. . In a religious context it means complete submission to the will of God.
Peace means “good order.” 1 Cor 14:33.
Peace peace] officer" means a person listed under Article 2.12(1) or (2), Code of Criminal Procedure.
Peace provisions within the agreement aimed to reduce the likelihood of disputes or challenges on agricultural subsidies over a period of nine years, until the end of 2003 [2]. Domestic support The main complaint about policies which support domestic prices, or subsidize production some other way, is that they encourage over-production. This squeezes out imports or leads to export subsidies and low-priced dumping on world markets. The AoA distinguishes between support programmes that stimulate production directly, and those that are considered to have no direct effect [2]. Domestic policies that do have a direct effect on production and trade have to be cut back. WTO members calculated how much support of this kind they were providing per year for the agricultural sector (using calculations known as “total aggregate measurement of support” or “Total AMS”) in the base years of 1986-88. Developed countries agreed to reduce these figures by 20% over six years starting in 1995. Developing countries agreed to make 13% cuts over 10 years. Least-developed countries do not need to make any cuts. (This category of domestic support is sometimes called the “amber box”, a reference to the amber colour of traffic lights, which means “slow down”) [2]. Measures with minimal impact on trade can be used freely — they are in a “green box” (“green” as in traffic lights). They include government services such as research, disease control, infrastructure and food security. They also include payments made directly to farmers that do not stimulate production, such as certain forms of direct income support, assistance to help farmers restructure agriculture, and direct payments under environmental and regional assistance programmes [2]. Also permitted, are certain direct payments to farmers where the farmers are required to limit production (sometimes called “blue box” measures), certain government assistance programmes to encourage agricultural and rural development in developing countries, and other support on a small scale (“de minimis”) when compared with the total value of the product or products supported (5% or less in the case of developed countries and 10% or less for developing countries) [2]. Export subsidies: limits on spending and quantities The AoA prohibits export subsidies on agricultural products unless the subsidies are specified in a member’s lists of commitments. Where they are listed, the agreement requires WTO members to cut both the amount of money they spend on ...