Peace definition

Peace means Peace Oil Corp., a corporation incorporated under the ABCA;
Peace means all human beings must have equal and full human rights.
Peace means living together in brotherhood, harmony, and equal opportunity. We have to live with each other as a family but we have to give ethnics their sovereignty.  Peace is stability and security and an opportunity for our country to develop by any means.  Peace is the most important need of human beings. Peace depends on the needs of the constituency. Peace for government is rule of law.  Peace is an end to our history of fighting, territorial integrity, protection of our sovereignty, and inclusion of all of our people in one country.  Peace is freedom.

Examples of Peace in a sentence

  • Adversely affected groups in regions authorized to receive assistance under section 8(c) of the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act (Pub.

  • Peace and order conditions make it extremely dangerous, if not possible, to work.

  • Peace and order conditions which makes it extremely dangerous, if not impossible to work, as certified in writing by the Philippine National Police (PNP) Station Commander which has responsibility over the affected area, and confirmed by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Regional Director.

  • A health benefit plan under Section 5(e) of the Peace Corps Act, pursuant to 22 U.S.C. 2504(e).

  • The identity of a person providing information to the agency need not be disclosed directly or indirectly to the subject of the information when the information is authorized to be held confidential pursuant to Iowa Code section 22.7(18) or other provision of law.b. Records need not be disclosed to the subject when they are the work product of an attorney or are otherwise privileged.c. Peace officers’ investigative reports may be withheld from the subject, except as required by the Iowa Code.

More Definitions of Peace

Peace in Spanish, it means “gold” in
Peace means the absence of war or other hostilities in the context of this research project. This research concurs with Gumru’s (2008, p. 2) definition of peace. Peace is “respect of human dignity and human rights, of economic development, well being, protection of the environment, rule of law, and of social stability” (cited in Frauensicherheitstrat, 2008).
Peace means “freedom from anxiety, disturbance (emotional, mental, or spiritual), or inner conflict; calm, tranquillity;” and
Peace. . In a religious context it means complete submission to the will of God.
Peace peace] officer" means a person listed under Article 2.12(1) or (2), Code of Criminal Procedure.
Peace provisions within the agreement include: an understanding that certain actions available under the Subsidies Agreement will not be applied with respect to green box policies and domestic support and export subsidies maintained in conformity with commitments; an understanding that “due restraint” will be used in the application of countervailing duty rights under the General Agreement; and setting out limits in terms of the applicability of nullification or impairment actions. These peace provisions will apply for a period of 9 years. The agreement sets up a committee that will monitor the implementation of commitments, and also monitor the follow-up to the Decision on Measures Concerning the Possible Negative Effects of the Reform Programme on Least-Developed and Net Food-Importing Developing Countries. The package is conceived as part of a continuing process with the long-term objective of securing substantial progressive reductions in support and protection. In this light, it calls for further negotiations in the fifth year of implementation which, along with an assessment of the first five years, would take into account non-trade concerns, special and differential treatment for developing countries, the objective to establish a fair and market-oriented agricultural trading system and other concerns and objectives noted in the preamble to the agreement. 12
Peace means “peace between individuals, harmony, security, prosperity; because peace and harmony make and keep things safe and prosperous.”