Pass definition

Pass as used in these regulations means a physical or electronic document or product provided for by statute, Commission rule or regulation and issued or required by the Division authorizing entrance to any state park or state recreation area.
Pass means a written employment plan approved by the SSA that protects an SSI recipient’s eligibility for Medicaid as long as the recipient continues to make progress toward work goals in accordance with a set timetable.
Pass has the meaning given to it in the Protocol;

Examples of Pass in a sentence

  • Pass the Selection Test and be eligible for admission based on the Selection Test marks scored.

  • Find the average and print the student grade as per the MITS examination policy as shown below.% OBTAINED GRADE90 - 100 O (Outstanding)80 - 89 A+ (Excellent)70 - 79 A (Very Good)60 - 69 B+ (Good)50 - 59 B (Above)45 - 49 C (Average)40 - 44 P (Pass)< 40 F (Fail)h) Implement Python Script to generate prime numbers series up to N.

  • Follow the steps to upload proof of vaccination located in the KCCD Campus Pass App.

  • Federal award project description, as required to be responsive to the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act ( FFATA); (j) Name of Federal awarding agency, pass- through entity, and contact information for awarding official of the Pass- through entity; (k) CFDA Number and Name; the pass-through entity must identify the dollar amount made available under each Federal award and the CFDA number at time o f disbursement; (l) The rest of Section 200.331 is herein incorporated by reference.

  • Tim Kelly, in an article on the lost Padre mine and the Organ mining district published in the 1975 New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook, indicated that historic and geologic evidence support the likelihood that the mine existed-- near the east slope of San Agustin Pass.

More Definitions of Pass

Pass means personal alert safety system.
Pass means a ticket that provides repeated access, entry, or admission to a facility or series of events and for which similar passes are sold or provided to the public.
Pass has the meaning specified in the Receivables Purchase Agreement.
Pass means Pooled Auto Securities Shelf LLC.
Pass means a Council’s identification disc specified to be displayed and/or such passes as may from time to time be issued by the Council to Members of the Council, certain employees of the Council or an appointed Council representative for use on Council business;
Pass means an access pass provided to Guest by the Trust as part of a Hospitality Package, and which allows a Guest to have access to any or all of the Corporate Facilities for an Event as specified by the Trust.
Pass means, for a payee, holder or bearer of a check that previously has been or purports to have been drawn and issued by another, to deliver a check, for a purpose other than collection, to a third person who by delivery acquires a right with respect to the check.