Pass definition

Pass has the meaning given to it in the Protocol;

Examples of Pass in a sentence

  • Investors are issued rated Pass Through Certificates (PTCs), the proceeds of which are paid as consideration to the originator.

  • Program information MUST be submitted for Coaches to receive a complimentary tournament Pass.

  • The Third Circuit Gives Negligent School Districts a Constitutional "Hall Pass" in Morrow v.

  • By signing the Application and obtaining a White Deer Run Golf Club Annual Players Pass, you agree to be bound by this agreement.

  • Pass the details onto your bank or our distribution partner providing this service as part of a wider offering.Put the details of the fraudulent claim onto a Register of Claims through which insurers share information to prevent fraudulent claims.

More Definitions of Pass

Pass has the meaning specified in the Receivables Purchase Agreement.
Pass on a system review means the reviewed firm’s system of quality control has been designed to meet the requirements of the quality control standards for an accounting and auditing practice and the system was being complied with during the peer review year to provide the firm with reasonable assurance of complying with professional standards in all material respects. Pass on an engagement review means nothing came to the reviewer’s attention that the engagements submitted for review were not performed and reported in conformity with applicable professional standards in all material respects.
Pass means a Council’s identification disc specified to be displayed and/or such passes as may from time to time be issued by the Council to Members of the Council, certain employees of the Council or an appointed Council representative for use on Council business;
Pass means a ticket that provides repeated access, entry, or admission to a facility or series of events and for which similar passes are sold or provided to the public.
Pass means an access pass provided to Guest by the Trust as part of a Hospitality Package, and which allows a Guest to have access to any or all of the Corporate Facilities for an Event as specified by the Trust.
Pass means, for a payee, holder or bearer of a check that previously has been or purports to have been drawn and issued by another, to deliver a check, for a purpose other than collection, to a third person who by delivery acquires a right with respect to the check.