Pass definition

Pass has the meaning given to it in the Protocol;
Pass means a duty, privilege or courtesy pass entitling the person to whom it is given to travel in a stage carriage gratuitously and includes a pass issued on payment for travel in a stage carriage for the period specified therein;
Pass has the meaning specified in the Receivables Purchase Agreement.

Examples of Pass in a sentence

Environmental Assessment for the Sabine Pass Liquefaction Project, Sabine Pass Liquefaction, LLC, and Sabine Pass LNG, L.P., FERC Docket No. CP14-12-000 (Jan.

A student is required to pass the examination component of each course in order to be awarded an overall Pass for the course.

The grade of P (Pass) is used when validating/granting transfer credit for coursework when an official transcript or grades that equate to those used in Palm Beach County cannot be obtained.

The Travel Pass APP has been tested by 74 airlines on 170 routes.

TEXAS.—The Sec- retary may design and construct a shore protection project between the Galveston South Jetty and San Luis Pass, Galveston County, Texas, using innovative nourishment techniques, including bene- ficial use of dredged material from Federal navigation projects as provided under section 145 of the Water Resources Development Act of 1976 (33 U.S.C. 426j).

More Definitions of Pass

Pass means a Council’s identification disc specified to be displayed and/or such passes as may from time to time be issued by the Council to Members of the Council, certain employees of the Council or an appointed Council representative for use on Council business;
Pass means the Proof of Age Standards Scheme ( which is endorsed by the UK Home Office, Police and Trading Standards.
Pass on a system review means the reviewed firm’s system of quality control has been designed to meet the requirements of the quality control standards for an accounting and auditing practice and the system was being complied with during the peer review year to provide the firm with reasonable assurance of complying with professional standards in all material respects. Pass on an engagement review means nothing came to the reviewer’s attention that the engagements submitted for review were not performed and reported in conformity with applicable professional standards in all material respects.
Pass means, for a payee, holder or bearer of a check that