Option Exercise Period definition

Option Exercise Period has the meaning set forth in Section 5.3(c).
Option Exercise Period means the period commencing one (1) year after the date of grant of an Option pursuant to this Plan and ending ten years from the date of grant.
Option Exercise Period means the period from the Option Grant Date to the date on which an Option expires.

Examples of Option Exercise Period in a sentence

  • To the extent this Option is or becomes exercisable on the date of termination of your Service, then, if you (or, if applicable, such other person who is entitled to exercise this Option) do not exercise this Option on or prior to the expiration of the Option Exercise Period (as set forth below), this Option will terminate.

  • If the rights represented hereby shall not be exercised during the Option Exercise Period, this Option shall become and be void without further force or effect, and all rights represented hereby shall cease and expire.

  • All Earned Options must be exercised by the end of the Option Exercise Period, failing which all remaining unexercised Options shall automatically lapse and be null and void and of no further effect.

  • At all times during the Option Exercise Period, Vector will reserve and keep available out of its authorized Common Shares, solely for issuance upon the exercise of this Option, such number of Common Shares and other securities as from time to time may be issuable upon exercise of this Option.

  • At the end of the post-termination Option Exercise Period specified by SAFE, any unexercised portion of this Option will be forfeited without any consideration to you.

More Definitions of Option Exercise Period

Option Exercise Period. All options expire and are void unless exercised on or before _________.
Option Exercise Period. As defined in Section 11(a).
Option Exercise Period means the period of time beginning on the date that an Acquisition Proposal is commenced and ending on the Termination Date.
Option Exercise Period means the period of sixty (60) months which commences on the Acceptance Date; and
Option Exercise Period means the period commencing 18 months before the Expiry Date and ending 15 months before the Expiry Date;
Option Exercise Period means, in respect of an Option, the period in Days (which may be broken or continuous in accordance with any requirements set out in the Tender Invitation Notice) during which that Option may be exercised, as is specified as such in the Tender Offer and Tender Acceptance relating to that Option;
Option Exercise Period the four (4) years after the date on which this Agreement is signed.