Option definition

Examples of Option in a sentence

  • Option will be made available to reach e-Voting page without any further authentication.

  • Options granted pursuant to the Plan need not be identical but each Option must contain and be subject to the terms and conditions set forth below.

  • To the extent that any Option is not exercisable as of the date of death, such portion of the Option shall remain unexercisable and shall terminate as of such date.

  • FORMAT OF TENDER SECURITY [Option 2–Insurance Guarantee] TENDER GUARANTEE No.: 1.

  • Pension adjustment is available only to those Claimants who: (1) have entered the Deferred Retired Option Program (“DROP”) or retired (thereby establishing the Claimant’s bi- weekly pension benefit) by Final Entry of the Decree; (2) were not promoted after last taking a challenged exam; and (3) do not elect a lump-sum distribution.

More Definitions of Option

Option or “Stock Option” means any option to purchase shares of Stock granted pursuant to Section 5.
Option means an ISO or Nonstatutory Option granted under the Plan and entitling the holder to purchase Shares.
Option means a right granted to a Participant pursuant to Article 5 of the Plan to purchase a specified number of Shares at a specified price during specified time periods. An Option may be either an Incentive Share Option or a Non-Qualified Share Option.