Option Exercise Date definition

Option Exercise Date has the meaning specified in Section 2.1.
Option Exercise Date means the date of service of an Option Notice by the Lessee on the Lessor;
Option Exercise Date means the date on which the Post-Enforcement Call Option Holder exercises its option to acquire all of the Notes outstanding as at such date, together with accrued interest thereon;

Examples of Option Exercise Date in a sentence

  • As provided for above, the date of sending of said notice shall be the Option Exercise Date.

  • If Call Option is specified in the relevant Terms, the Bank, acting through the Relevant Branch may, on giving not less than 15 nor more than 30 days’ irrevocable notice to the Securityholders (or such other notice period as may be specified in the relevant Terms) redeem, or exercise the Bank’s option (as may be described in the relevant Terms) in relation to, all or, if so provided, some, of the Securities on any Optional Redemption Date or Option Exercise Date, as the case may be.

  • ITEM(s) Latest Option Exercise Date 7100, 7199, 9100 No later than 12 months after the Task Order Award date.

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  • If the Holder has exercised its Investor's Put Option, the Securities held by such Holder will be redeemed on a day which falls a certain number of calendar days after the Investor's Put Option Exercise Date.

More Definitions of Option Exercise Date

Option Exercise Date means the date the Optionee exercises the Option by performing the acts described in Section 7 hereof.
Option Exercise Date shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.3.
Option Exercise Date means, with respect to each exercise of an Option, the date upon which such Option is exercised.
Option Exercise Date means the last day of each Option Period.
Option Exercise Date means the date on which notice of the exercise of the Option is delivered by the Purchaser to the Vendor under Section 2.4;
Option Exercise Date means that date, within the Option Term, upon which the Purchaser shall send its written notice to Seller exercising its Option to Purchase;
Option Exercise Date has the meaning specified in Section 5(a).