Share Option definition

Share Option means an option to require the Company to allot and issue a Share; and
Share Option means the offer made by an employer to an employee to purchase a fixed number of shares at a fixed price, which may be paid for at the end of the vesting period;

Examples of Share Option in a sentence

  • During a Participant’s lifetime, an Incentive Share Option may be exercised only by the Participant.

  • The Participant shall give the Company prompt notice of any disposition of Shares acquired by exercise of an Incentive Share Option within (i) two years from the date of grant of such Incentive Share Option or (ii) one year after the transfer of such Shares to the Participant.

  • No Award of an Incentive Share Option may be made pursuant to this Plan after the tenth anniversary of the Effective Date.

  • The exercise price of an Incentive Share Option shall be equal to the Fair Market Value on the date of grant.

  • Notwithstanding the provisions of this Section 3.1(b), no Shares may again be optioned, granted or awarded if such action would cause an Incentive Share Option to fail to qualify as an incentive share option under Section 422 of the Code.

More Definitions of Share Option

Share Option means a right to acquire shares.
Share Option means any stock option granted under a stock option or share purchase plan of the Company;
Share Option means an option to purchase treasury shares granted to the Optionee pursuant to this Agreement, and includes any portion of that option; and
Share Option means an option to purchase Shares granted pursuant to Section 7.
Share Option or "OPTION" means an award that entitles a Partici- pant to purchase one Share for each Option granted.
Share Option or "Option" means any option to purchase Shares (including Restricted Shares and Deferred Shares, if the Committee so determines) granted pursuant to Section 5 below.
Share Option means an Option in respect of Shares; “Seller” means the seller of an Option;