Off-Airport Parking Operator definition

Off-Airport Parking Operator means any person or entity that owns and/or operates an off-Airport public parking facility and operation and transports Parking Customers to and from the Airport from such facilities and does not have a lease or concession agreement with the Commission for having offices or other facilities on Airport property from which to conduct such business.
Off-Airport Parking Operator means any individual, partnership, corporation or other business entity (except any public, tax supported transit agency or authority) that provides vehicle parking and related services, e.g., vehicle washing, at a facility located off the Airport�s property and that draws customers from the Airport, whether it picks up and drops off passengers with its own employees and equipment or otherwise. This includes hotels, Off- Airport Rental Car Operators or other ground transportation operators, which provide parking services to the public.
Off-Airport Parking Operator means any Person that is engaged in the business of operating one or more parking facilities located off Airport property, including but not limited to, hotels, motels, or other businesses located off Airport property that provide parking facilities for Airport passengers.

Examples of Off-Airport Parking Operator in a sentence

  • The Off-Airport Parking Operator shall not have the option of collecting a Privilege Fee Recovery Charge, including the Privilege Fee Recovery Charge in Gross Receipts, and paying the Percentage Fee with respect to the collected amount.

  • Neither Section nor any other provision of these Rules and Regulations shall be construed as an endorsement or approval by the Authority of a method or practice by an Off-Airport Parking Operator of charging its customers a separate fee to recover, in whole or in part, fees payable by the Off-Airport Parking Operator to the Authority, and the Off-Airport Parking Operator shall not state or imply to its customers that any such fee charged is mandated, or authorized, or taxed by the Authority.

  • If a discount granted by the Off-Airport Parking Operator with respect to a parking transaction applies by its terms to only certain components of the consideration received by the Off-Airport Parking Operator for or in connection with that parking transaction, then such discount shall be applied in accordance with its terms in the computation of Gross Receipts hereunder.

  • In no event may the Off-Airport Parking Operator deduct from Gross Receipts discounts, credits, rebates or deductions for fuel or free fuel.

  • If the Off-Airport Parking Operator separately states a Privilege Fee Recovery Charge on any signage, website, publication or receipt, the amount separately stated shall be labeled on the receipt only as a “Privilege Fee Recovery Charge” or other such label as the Authority directs.

  • For each courtesy vehicle permitted by an Off-Airport Parking Operator Thirty Five and 00/100 Dollars ($35.00) in advance.

  • If an Off-Airport Rental Vehicle Operator or an Off-Airport Parking Operator accumulate two (2) Multiple Violations pursuant to Section 9.9.3 within a twelve (12) month period, the Chief of Operations shall, after expiration or exhaustion of all hearing and appeals rights with respect to the fourth occasion leading to the second Multiple Violation, revoke such Operator’s Permit.

  • Signature Printed Name Date The Gross Receipts derived by an Off-Airport Parking Operator pursuant to any parking agreement that does not contain or have attached thereto such statement separately signed by the customer shall be deemed Airport Gross Receipts.

  • The Off-Airport Parking Operator shall submit a Statement of Receipts even if such Off-Airport Parking Operator earned no Airport Gross Receipts during the immediately preceding calendar month.

  • Gross Receipts shall not be reduced by reason of any commission or other amount paid or rebated by an Off-Airport Parking Operator to any third party.

More Definitions of Off-Airport Parking Operator

Off-Airport Parking Operator means any Person that is engaged in the business of operating one or more parking facilities located off Airport property, including but not limited to, hotels, motels, or other businesses located off Airport property that provide parking facilities for Airport passengers, and including online or mobile-device-application-supported Vehicle sharing and/or peer- to-peer services that include the parking of Vehicles at locations off Airport property.
Off-Airport Parking Operator means any person or business entity that is engaged in the business of operating one or more parking facilities located off Airport property and providing transportation to and from the Airport either directly or through an affiliate.

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