Milestones definition

Milestones means control points in the project that help to chart progress. Milestones may correspond to the completion of a key deliverable, allowing the next phase of the work to begin. They may also be needed at intermediary points so that, if problems have arisen, corrective measures can be taken. A milestone may be a critical decision point in the project where, for example, the consortium must decide which of several technologies to adopt for further development.
Milestones means one or more events or dates, if specified in the Contract Documents, by which Work, as identified, must be provided by the Contractor.
Milestones means the key development activities required for the construction and operation of the Project, as set forth in Section B(i)(b) of the Cover Sheet.

Examples of Milestones in a sentence

  • Any allocated portion of the Credit associated with a specific taxable year in Exhibit A, which is not earned in that year due to failure to achieve the Milestones associated with that taxable year will be earned in the taxable year in which the Milestones are met, but in no event later than the last taxable year identified in Exhibit A.

  • If Taxpayer did not achieve the applicable Milestones for the prior taxable year, Taxpayer shall submit to GO-Biz the worksheet and a written description of any issues or challenges in achieving the Milestones and any corrective actions being taken or anticipated to be taken in subsequent years.

  • All required Milestones identified on a taxable year basis in Exhibit A, must be met in order to earn the allocated portion of the Credit.

  • On or before the first day of the fourth month after the close of each taxable year as referenced in Exhibit A, and prior to claiming the Credit on its tax return, Taxpayer shall complete a worksheet provided by GO-Biz to verify successful achievement of the applicable Milestones for the prior taxable year.

  • The Credit awarded in section 2 of this Agreement will be allocated to Taxpayer by taxable year as set forth in Exhibit A, provided that Taxpayer achieves the Milestones associated with the applicable taxable year, which includes all investments agreed to in the prior years, as set forth in Exhibit A.

More Definitions of Milestones

Milestones means the development activities for significant permitting, interconnection, financing and construction milestones set forth on the Cover Sheet.
Milestones means the milestones set out in item 1.6 of Schedule 1 (The Project);
Milestones has the meaning set forth in Section 3.9(b)(i).
Milestones has the meaning set forth in Section 4.9.
Milestones means the milestones for the Recipient’s fulfillment of the Project Objectives set out in part A of Schedule 2.
Milestones means the milestones set forth in Section 4.
Milestones means those milestones set forth on Exhibit D hereto.