Council Committee definition

Council Committee means a committee established by the Council under section 6.1;
Council Committee means a committee, board, or other body established by Council under the Act;
Council Committee means one of the four standing Committees of the City Council having jurisdiction over the involved project.

Examples of Council Committee in a sentence

  • See Judicial Council Committee Note, 1979, § 893.33 (“This draft makes explicit that only those who purchase for valuable consideration after the period of limitation has run … may avail themselves of the benefits of this statute.

  • The policy shall apply to ratepayers who meet the relevant criteria as jointly approved by the Chair of the Council Committee with responsibility for managing Council finances and the Group Manager, Corporate Services.

  • In the letter, he raised concern regarding Hizbullah’s “transfer of advisers and military instructors to the Houthi coup” as posing a “serious regional and global threat” and asked the Council, through the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 2140 (2014), to “investigate, within its mandate, [Hizbullah’s] activities that pose a serious threat to Yemen and to take appropriate measures”.

  • Unofficial minutes will be distributed by the Secretary to the President and PresidentElect for review and approval, and then forwarded by e-mail to the Executive Council, Committee Chairs and membership as soon as possible after each meeting.

  • The financial implications of “Overview and Scrutiny” recommendations would only be assessed if those recommendations were to be accepted by the decision maker (Council, Committee, Sub Committee or an Officer).

More Definitions of Council Committee

Council Committee means any standing or special committee, or subcommittee thereof, established by Council regardless of the names by which it is identified or the fact that persons other than Council members may be included in its membership.
Council Committee means the committee having the responsibility for managing the Council's affairs where the Council has resolved to delegate certain powers to the Council Committee.
Council Committee means any committee, board or other body established by Council by bylaw or motion.
Council Committee means a committee within the meaning of the Act that is carrying out the powers, duties and functions delegated to it by Council and is comprised of all members of Council.
Council Committee means any committee, board or other body established by Council by bylaw or resolution under the Municipal Government Act;
Council Committee means a Committee established by Council which reports directly to Council or a sub-Committee of a Committee established by this bylaw;