Maturity Period definition

Maturity Period means the period from and including the Issue Date to but excluding the Maturity Date.
Maturity Period means the period, when the Customer is obliged to pay to the Supplier for the fulfilment provided to the Customer according to a Commercial Contract, which is specified in number of calendar days as of date of occurrence of a taxable event included in an invoice – the tax document issued by the Supplier. A date of occurrence of a taxable event shall mean the last day of provision of partial fulfilment according to a Commercial Contract.
Maturity Period means the period specified in the Applicable Pricing Supplement;

Examples of Maturity Period in a sentence

  • Subject to the applicable Regulatory Capital Requirements, Tier 2 Notes may have a minimum Maturity Period determined in accordance with the Regulatory Capital Requirements as set out in the Applicable Pricing Supplement.

  • In such a case, the Maturity Period of the returned Invoice shall not run.

  • Each Fixed Savings Account shall mature at the end of the Maturity Period (subject to any renewal pursuant to Clause 11.3).

  • The Maturity Period shall commence no earlier than upon the delivery of an Invoice fully satisfying the agreed requirements.

  • An amount as instructed by the Customer (and, in the case of a third party Designated Account, such third party) shall be debited from the Designated Account on a regular basis over a stipulated period, which period may be renewed subject to the Bank’s prior written consent and on such terms as the Bank may stipulate in its sole and absolute discretion (the original stipulated period and any renewed period each hereinafter referred to as a "Maturity Period").

More Definitions of Maturity Period

Maturity Period means, in relation to any Revolving Advance, the period beginning on its Drawdown Date and ending on its Maturity Date;
Maturity Period means the period over which compensation deferrals, Equity Awards and Matching Awards are deferred as elected by a Participant in accordance with the provisions of this Plan.
Maturity Period means, in relation to a Tranche of Notes (other than a Tranche of Additional Tier 1 Notes), the period from (and including) the Issue Date to (but excluding) the Maturity Date;
Maturity Period means part of accounting period that remaining from the moment of monitoring specific loan or deposit up to the moment of its final collection or payoff determined in the agreement between customer and creditor/depositor.
Maturity Period means 6 (six) months following the Initial Closing, unless extended, in writing and in advance at the option of the Majority Lender(s) at their sole and absolute discretion, for such time from the Initial Closing as to be agreed by Majority Lenders and the Borrower.
Maturity Period means the period described in Section 5.3 hereof.
Maturity Period and "Maturity Date" shall have the meanings assigned to those terms in Section 2.05 hereof.