Master Heating Installer definition

Master Heating Installer means a Person who is skilled in the planning and installation of warm air, steam and hot water, heating systems, including air conditioning and ventilation systems and equipment used in connection therewith, and who engages in the superintending of such work;

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A Person licensed as a Heating Contractor or Master Heating Installer under this By- law and Schedule shall not:(1) Permit the use of the licensee's name by any other Person, either directly or indirectly, for the purpose of obtaining a permit to do any work as a Master Heating Installer or Heating Contractor; and(2) Perform any work which requires a licence or permit unless a licence or permit is first obtained.

No Person shall be licensed as a Heating Contractor under this By-law and Schedule unless:(1) That Person is licensed as a Master Heating Installer or employs at least one licensed Master Heating Installer on a regular, full-time basis; and(2) Proof of General Liability Insurance is provided showing a minimum of$2,000,000.00 coverage, which coverage is endorsed to indemnify and save harmless the City.

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