Distribution and License Agreement definition

Distribution and License Agreement means the Distribution and License Agreement among the Parties, dated as of the same date as this Manufacturing Agreement.
Distribution and License Agreement means the Distribution and License Agreement among Purchaser, Holdco, Parent and Sellers and certain of their Affiliates substantially in the form of Exhibit I hereto.
Distribution and License Agreement means this Distribution and License Agreement together with all exhibits, schedules, and appendices attached to this Distribution and License Agreement, all as respectively amended, modified or supplemented by the Parties in accordance with the terms of this Distribution and License Agreement.

Examples of Distribution and License Agreement in a sentence

  • Under its license to the patents-in-suit, MPI sells VELCADE® in the United States.On June 30, 2003, MPI and Centocor Ortho Biotech Products, L.P. (“COBI”) entered into a Collaboration, Distribution, and License Agreement (“the Agreement”).

  • However, its operation has been barred by the provisions of the Temporary Restraining Order dated March 14, 2017.In a Distribution and License Agreement, in evidence as Defs.’ Ex. JJ, Royal Porcelain represents that it has trade dress rights to its products which it assigned to Steelite.

  • Attached as Exhibit Q is a true and correct copy Comerica Bank & Trust, N.A.’s reply in Support of Motion to Approve Rescission of the Exclusive Distribution and License Agreement.

  • Within ten days of receipt of the 2014 WBR Agreement from the Personal Representative, UMG’s counsel of record shall submit a letter to the Court regarding whether, and to what extent, review of the 2014 WBR Agreement affects the Personal Representative’s pending motion and UMG’s demand for rescission of the Exclusive Distribution and License Agreement.

  • Based upon the confidential nature of the redacted contents of the Memorandum In Support of Motion to Approve Rescission of Exclusive Distribution and License Agreement, Declaration of Joseph J.

  • In order for a plan to be complete, it must contain the necessary information, the MPCA Construction Permit application andSWPPP, and the required fee.

  • For additional information on the DDLA, please see Corporate Update - Recent Developments – Development, Distribution and License Agreement with ILJIN Life Science Co., Ltd.TRANSFER AGENT AND REGISTRARThe transfer agent and registrar for the common shares of Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

  • Along with a review of the school’s description of its special education programming in its charter, this audit will include a review of the following OSSE-produced documents:▪ Annual Determination Reports;▪ On-Site Monitoring Reports;▪ Quarterly Findings (also called Special Conditions reports); and▪ Hearing Officer Determinations and/or Settlement Agreements.

  • With reference to the Distribution and License Agreement and all the Amendments, D&D Thailand has had an exclusive license to operate café, beverage, and premium retail under “Dean & Deluca” brand exclusively in Thailand since 2008 and up to 2023.

  • The Personal Administrator’s Motion to Approve Rescission of Exclusive Distribution and License Agreement is GRANTED and the Rescission Agreement, submitted as Exhibit U to the Declaration of Joseph J.

More Definitions of Distribution and License Agreement

Distribution and License Agreement means the reciprocal Distribution and License Agreement identified in Sections 5.6 and 6.1(k) below.

Related to Distribution and License Agreement

  • License Agreement means the agreement between SAP (or an SAP SE Affiliate, or an authorized reseller) under which Customer procured the rights to use SAP Software or a Cloud Service.

  • Distribution Agreement has the meaning set forth in the recitals to this Agreement.

  • End User License Agreement means a license grant or end user license agreement governing software as further described in this Agreement or any applicable Appendix.

  • Distribution Agreements means the Amended and Restated Distribution and License Agreements dated as of November 30, 1992 between Bollore and North Atlantic Operating Corporation, Inc., a Delaware corporation and subsidiary of Turning Point, relating to (i) the United States and (ii) Canada, each as amended by a Restated Amendment dated June 25, 1997 and Amendments dated respectively October 22, 1997, October 7, 1999, October 20, 1999, June 19, 2002, February 28, 2005 and April 20, 2006, and the License and Distribution Agreement, dated March 19, 2013, between Bollore and North Atlantic Operating Corporation, Inc., in each case as so amended and as may hereafter be amended, modified or superseded, and any other related agreements between or among such parties.

  • Sublicense Agreement means any agreement or arrangement pursuant to which Licensee (or an Affiliate or Sublicensee) grants to any third party any of the license rights granted to the Licensee under the Agreement.

  • License Agreements shall have the meaning set forth in Section 8.11 hereof.

  • Patent License Agreement means the Patent License Agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit C.

  • Separation and Distribution Agreement has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • IP License Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in Section 1.2.

  • Intercompany License Agreement means any cost sharing agreement, commission or royalty agreement, license or sub-license agreement, distribution agreement, services agreement, Intellectual Property rights transfer agreement or any related agreements, in each case where all the parties to such agreement are one or more of the Borrower and any Restricted Subsidiary thereof.

  • Software License Agreement means the particular Software License Agreement to which these Terms and Conditions are attached and incorporated into by reference.

  • Cross License Agreement means that certain Cross License Agreement between and among Medarex, Cell Genesys, Inc., Abgenix, Inc., Xenotech, L.P. and Japan Tobacco Inc., dated March 26, 1997.

  • Technology License Agreement means the Technology License Agreement dated as of the date hereof between Allergan and ASTI.

  • Collaboration Agreement has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Company License Agreements means any license agreements granting any right to use or practice any rights under any Intellectual Property (except for such agreements for off-the-shelf products that are generally available for less than $25,000), and any written settlements relating to any Intellectual Property, to which the Company is a party or otherwise bound; and the term “Software” means any and all computer programs, including any and all software implementations of algorithms, models and methodologies, whether in source code or object code.

  • Xxxxxx Agreement means that certain Contingent Stock Agreement, effective as of January 1, 1996, by The Xxxxx Company in favor of and for the benefit of the Holders (named in Schedule I thereto) and the Representatives (therein defined), as amended.

  • Trademark License Agreement means that certain Trademark License Agreement in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibit F.

  • Expense Agreement means the Agreement as to Expenses and Liabilities between the Depositor and the Trust, substantially in the form attached as Exhibit D, as amended from time to time.

  • Distribution Licensee means a licensee authorised to operate and maintain a distribution system for supplying electricity to the consumers in his area of supply;

  • Marketing Agreement means an agreement entered into, with the director, by producers, distributors, processors, or handlers pursuant to this act and binding only on those signing the agreement.

  • MCIP Agreement means the Agreement for the Development of a Joint County Industrial and Business Park (2010 Park) dated as of December 1, 2010, as amended, between the County and Xxxxxxxx County, South Carolina, as the same may be further amended or supplemented from time to time, or such other agreement as the County may enter with respect to the Project to offer the benefits of the Special Source Revenue Credits to the Company hereunder.

  • Distributor Agreement means, if applicable, the separate agreement between Customer and Distributor regarding the Services. The Distributor Agreement is independent of and outside the scope of these Terms.

  • Exclusivity Agreement , in relation to land, means an agreement, by the owner or a lessee of the land, not to permit any person (other than the persons identified in the agreement) to construct a solar pv station on the land;”;

  • Licensing Agreement means a commercial agreement between a design approval holder and a production approval holder (or applicant) formalizing the rights and duties of both parties to use the design data for the purpose of manufacturing the product or article.

  • Use Agreement means a written agreement between a primary licensee and a Type S applicant or licensee that specifies the designated area of the Type S licensee, the days and hours in which the Type S licensee is assigned to use the common-use area, any allocation of responsibility for compliance pursuant to Section 40196, and an acknowledgement that the Type S licensee has sole and exclusive use of the common- use area during the Type S licensee’s assigned time period.

  • Data Use Agreement means the agreement incorporated into the Contract to facilitate creation, receipt, maintenance, use, disclosure or access to Confidential Information.