Management Units definition

Management Units means the class C membership interests issued by Management Company in one or more series. Each series of class C membership interests issued by Management Company shall be consecutively numbered, commencing with the class C-1 membership interests authorized by Management Company on November 30, 2006.
Management Units means the units which are allocated to the Units for the purpose of determining the amount of contribution towards the Management Charges by the Owners as set out in the Fourth Schedule hereto and to be set out in the relevant Sub-Deed(s).
Management Units shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the LLC Agreement. "Original Cost" of the Executive Securities will be the price per such security paid by Executive pursuant to this Agreement or otherwise (in each case, as proportionately adjusted for all subsequent security splits, security dividends, security distributions and other recapitalizations affecting the Executive Securities).

Examples of Management Units in a sentence

  • Northern Zone.” The types of deer that may be legally harvested, Except as otherwise provided in this section, the provisions of the Environ-the open Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) as described in section 4.1 mental Conservation Law relating to deer hunting, including hunting of this Title and the open season dates (First and Second splits) for hours, manner of taking, tagging, reporting, possession, and transporting, muzzleloading in the Northern Zone are set forth below.

  • Corrective Action Management Units and Special Provisions for Cleanup§2603.

  • These guidelines are for use by the projects "Support for the implementation of the VPA-FLEGT" (VPA-FLEGT) and "Upscaling of Sustainable Forest Management and Certification" (SFM), their project teams, and partner organizations (National and Provincial Project Management Units – NPMU & PPMU respectively) in the planning and implementation of their project activities.

  • For the Southern Zone, the proposed changes include changing the opening day of the regular season from a Monday to a Saturday, establishing a standard Saturday opening day for the early archery season, extending both the late archery and muzzleloader season to nine days, and establishing a pilot program in two Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) to implement and evaluate an alter- native harvest strategy intended to change the age structure of the buck population.

More Definitions of Management Units

Management Units means a plot or group of contiguous plots that are managed as a single unit under the FarmPEAT Programme, often delineated by a physical boundary.
Management Units means, collectively, the Class A Management Units, ---------------- the Class B Management Units and the Class R Management Units.
Management Units means the Class B Units.
Management Units means the Class B Units held by the Management Members.
Management Units means residential rental units other than Low‐Income Units or Market‐Rate Units that are reserved for occupancy by one or more persons that receive a salary or rent subsidy in return for maintenance or other services related to operation of the Project.
Management Units means the Management Units of the Partnership as defined in the Partnership Agreement.