Management Units definition

Management Units means the class C membership interests issued by Management Company in one or more series. Each series of class C membership interests issued by Management Company shall be consecutively numbered, commencing with the class C-1 membership interests authorized by Management Company on November 30, 2006.
Management Units means the units which are allocated to the Units for the purpose of determining the amount of contribution towards the Management Charges by the Owners as set out in the Fourth Schedule hereto and to be set out in the relevant Sub-Deed(s).
Management Units means Classes of Units solely issued to and held by the Manager, which currently comprise the Core Macro Portfolio Management Units.

Examples of Management Units in a sentence

  • Grantee acknowledges he or she has not heretofore received from the Company, and is not the holder of, any equity-related award (including, without limitation, the Management Units), other than awards, if any, evidenced by a written agreement between the Company and Grantee.

  • Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Company LLC Agreement, the Management Units granted hereunder shall vest as set forth in this Paragraph 3.

  • Any reference to the number of Management Units or Profits Units means such Management Units or Profits Units as appropriately adjusted to give effect to any equity combinations, restructuring or other capitalizations of Zuffa Parent, the Company or their capital structures.

  • In making his investment decision with respect to the receipt of the Management Units, Grantee has not relied upon any entity within the Employer Group, or any representative thereof for any advice of any sort, including, but not limited to, tax or securities law advice.

  • Upon a Sale Transaction (as defined in the Zuffa Parent LLC Agreement), all Management Units (whether vested or unvested) shall remain outstanding or may, at the discretion of the Managing Member, be converted, exchanged, or substituted with any other security or other property of equivalent value as determined by the Managing Member.

More Definitions of Management Units

Management Units has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1(a).
Management Units shall refer collectively, or sometimes individually, to Class A-1 Units, Class A-3 Units, Class B-1 Units, Class B-3 Units and/or Class B-5 Units.
Management Units shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the LLC Agreement. "Original Cost" of the Executive Securities will be the price per such security paid by Executive pursuant to this Agreement or otherwise (in each case, as proportionately adjusted for all subsequent security splits, security dividends, security distributions and other recapitalizations affecting the Executive Securities).
Management Units shall have the meaning set forth in the Operating Agreement.
Management Units means, collectively, the Class A Management Units, ---------------- the Class B Management Units and the Class R Management Units.
Management Units means residential rental units other than Low‐Income Units or Market‐Rate Units that are reserved for occupancy by one or more persons that receive a salary or rent subsidy in return for maintenance or other services related to operation of the Project.
Management Units means the Class B Units.