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OP Units shall have the meaning set forth in the Recitals hereof.

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  • Except with respect to OP Units and LTIP Units, no election under Section 83(b) of the Code or under a similar provision of law may be made unless expressly permitted by the terms of the applicable Award Agreement or by action of the Company in writing prior to the making of such election.

  • Awards may be granted in respect of shares of Common Stock, as well as shares, OP Units and/or LTIP Units issued by any of the Company, its Subsidiaries and its Affiliates, including any private funds that are managed, advised by or maintained by the Company or its Affiliates.

  • OP Unit RedemptionsSince January 1, 2018, through the date of this filing, a total of 605,305 OP Units were tendered for redemption.

  • Stockholder InformationAs of February 6, 2019:• there were 13 registered holders of record and approximately 13,379 beneficial owners of our common stock; and• other than those owned by the Company, there were two other holders of record and beneficial owners of our OP Units.

  • Currently, there are 402,800 OP Units outstanding that are held by non-controlling limited partners and which are eligible to be tendered for redemption.‌ ITEM 6.

More Definitions of OP Units

OP Units means units of limited partnership interest of the Operating Partnership.
OP Units has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
OP Units shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
OP Units means common units of limited partnership interests in the Operating Partnership.