OP Units definition

OP Units shall have the meaning set forth in the Recitals hereof.

Examples of OP Units in a sentence

  • The Contributor understands that no public market now exists for the OP Units, and that CVOP II has not made any representation that a public market will ever exist for the OP Units.

  • The Contributor is acquiring the OP Units solely for its own account for the purpose of investment and not as a nominee or agent for any other Person and not with a view to, or for offer or sale in connection with, any distribution of such OP Units in violation of securities Laws.

  • The Contributor is able to bear the economic risk of holding the OP Units for an indefinite period and is able to afford the complete loss of its investment in the OP Units.

  • Except to the extent expressly granted by the Partnership pursuant to another agreement, no Person shall have any preemptive, preferential or other similar right with respect to (i) providing funds to the Partnership or (ii) issuance or sale of any OP Units or other Partnership Interests.

  • Each such Class of OP Units shall have the rights and obligations attributed to that Class under this Agreement.

More Definitions of OP Units

OP Units means Partnership Units (as such term may be defined in the OP Partnership Agreement from time to time) representing partner interests in the Operating Partnership.
OP Units has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
OP Units shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
OP Units means the units of limited partnership interest in Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Properties Operating Partnership, L.P., a California limited partnership.
OP Units has the meaning set forth in the Partnership Agreement.