Licensed Operator definition

Licensed Operator. : means any person who holds a licence granted and in force under the Law;
Licensed Operator means a person, employed by the facility owner and or operator, who is in responsible charge of the storage tanks at one or more locations. “Licensed operator” refers to the holder of any of the licenses referred to in Section 46 of this Chapter.
Licensed Operator means the person who shall be responsible for fulfillment of all services to be rendered by a company licensed to perform any or all of the professional services covered by these regulations.

Examples of Licensed Operator in a sentence

  • Where we are the party contracting for Service with the Other Licensed Operator, we will undertake to make payment for such Service directly to such Other Licensed Operators.

  • We are not liable for the working or otherwise of any Telecommunications Network run by or connected to any Other Licensed Operator and cannot be held responsible for poor quality of service or access difficulties caused by Other Licensed Operators.

  • TRANSCO shall ensure that its performance of the Consented Activities does not adversely affect the ability of any other Licensed Operator to fulfil their obligations under any Licence, government authorisation or any other relevant statute, industry code or standard (which includes the Electricity Transmission Code and the Water Transmission Code), or regulatory requirement in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

  • In sum, the required components for an emergency plan are dictated in regulation and the completion and maintenance of an emergency plan is a requirement of both NJPDES permits and Licensed Operator duties.

  • If your Service is terminated and it is associated with a Service Number and is not being ported to an Other Licensed Operator, you shall no longer have any right to make use of the Service Number.

More Definitions of Licensed Operator

Licensed Operator means a person licensed, or deemed to be licensed, to provide a port service or operate a port facility;
Licensed Operator means any person who discharges, ignites, supervises, manages, oversees or directs the discharge of display fireworks, special effects fireworks, flame effects or flame effects performing artist.
Licensed Operator means a licensee in the class of the treatment works who is an operator at the treatment works.
Licensed Operator means the operator who has obtained the license for a particular mine under
Licensed Operator means a person employed to apply
Licensed Operator means the singular or collective (as the context requires) reference to the following Persons: (a) any Borrower or any Subsidiary that is licensed under Healthcare Laws to operate a Licensed Location, or is otherwise providing or furnishing goods or services governed by Healthcare Laws, or is otherwise providing or furnishing goods or services (other than the mere leasing of a Licensed Location as a lessor and the collection of rentals in connection therewith) from a Licensed Location, (b) any Person with whom a Borrower has contracted to provide such goods or services governed by Healthcare Laws.
Licensed Operator means an individual who obtains a