Lease Assets definition

Lease Assets has the meaning set forth in Section 2.4(a).
Lease Assets means, with respect to any lease, all of the following property and interests in property whether now existing or existing in the future or hereafter acquired or arising: (a) all vehicles or equipment manufactured, refurbished or sold by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries (and truck chassis, cement block boom trucks and similar vehicles manufactured or refurbished by third parties) and acquired by a Leasing Subsidiary in connection with such assets being leased to a third party; (b) all leases and other contracts or agreements relating to the lease financing by a customer of vehicles or equipment manufactured, refurbished or sold by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries; (c) all accounts receivable and other obligations incurred by lessees in connection with the foregoing, no matter how evidenced; (d) all rights to any vehicles or equipment subject to any of the foregoing after or in connection with creation of the foregoing, including returned or repossessed goods; (e) all reserves and credit balances with respect to any such lease contracts or agreements or lessees; (f) all letters of credit, security or guarantees for any of the foregoing; (g) all insurance policies or reports relating to any of the foregoing; and (h) all books and records relating to any of the foregoing.
Lease Assets. The meaning specified in the Lease Acquisition Agreement.

Examples of Lease Assets in a sentence

  • If Xxxxx, in good faith, determines an Environmental Defect exists, then Buyer may, by delivery of written notice to Seller of the existence of any alleged Environmental Defect, request reduction of the portion of the Base Purchase Price allocated to the Lease Assets affected.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, a Title Defect may apply to multiple Lease Assets if the Title Defect arises from the same instruments or the same set of facts.

  • The value of any Environmental Defect disclosed by Buyer to Seller prior to Closing shall not exceed the allocated value of the affected Lease Assets as shown in Exhibit G.

  • If Buyer or Seller determines that Seller owns a greater net revenue interest in any of the Lease Assets that would increase the Net Revenue Interest set forth on Exhibit G, such Party shall notify the other Party and Seller shall be entitled to an increase in the portion of the Base Purchase Price allocated to such Lease Assets determined pursuant to procedures comparable to the procedures set forth in subsections (a)-(c), above.

  • Details of the New Lease are as follows: CUE by Xxx Xxxxxxxx at the Elements, Hong Kong Date signed by the Group:30 August 2022 Location: Shop 1028A, The Elements, Hong Kong Lease Term: 3 years with an option to renew for a further 3 years Commencement: 17 September 2022 The Lease Assets of the New Lease amounted to approximately HK$27,450,000.

More Definitions of Lease Assets

Lease Assets. The right-of-use asset(s) represents a lessee’s license to hold, operate, or occupy a leased item over the term of the lease
Lease Assets means the Assets (as set out in Schedule 1 of the Lease Agreement), as such assets may be repaired, refurbished, upgraded or replaced from time to time as a result of:
Lease Assets means, in relation to a particular Series, the assets to be leased pursuant to and as set out in schedule 1 (Lease Assets) of the Supplemental Headlease Agreement for that Series, as such assets may be repaired, refurbished, upgraded or replaced from time to time;
Lease Assets. All right, title and interest in and to (a) the Lease Contracts, including the proceeds of the Lease Contracts and all payments received on or with respect to the Lease Contracts on or after the Cut-Off Date or any Acquisition Date, other than payments due on the Lease Contracts before the Cut-Off Date or Acquisition Date, (b) the Lease Contract Files, (c) the Company's rights and interests in the Equipment, (d) all rights and interests of the Company under each Insurance Policy related to the Lease Contracts and related Equipment and Insurance Proceeds, (e) the Servicing Charges with respect to the Lease Contracts and (f) all income and proceeds of the foregoing or relating thereto.
Lease Assets is defined in Section 1(a).
Lease Assets means the Lease Premises, Seller FF&E, and electronic medical record replacement.
Lease Assets. (or such substantially similar terms for such substantially similar assets as may be used from time to time).