land owner definition

land owner s association" means an organisation established by owners of a group of properties to collectively regulate their conduct and share the costs of maintaining and improving shared infrastructure and services, including a home owner’s association;
land owner means a person who holds or occupies land in accordance with the Land Act;
land owner means the legal or beneficial owner of land, including those holding the right to purchase or lease the land, or any other person holding proprietary rights in the land.

Examples of land owner in a sentence

  • This analysis also identified the most parties involved in SA cases law which is Land Owner, following the Contractor and Developer.

  • I also attended a meeting of the state (KWS) and the Land Owner Associations/Umbrella Bodies.

  • The applicants (M/s Rita Malhotra & Ms. Bina Chopra) entered into a n Agreement with the CD (the Developer) & Land Owner (M/s Seriatim Land & Housing Private Limite d) vide agreement dated 24.04.2010 and were allotted the office space admeasuring 1071 Sq. Ft. on 14 th floor with Unit No.1414 @ Rs.2799.253 per Sq. Ft .

  • MP059712016A1283780 at the office of the Sub- Registrar Bhopal and also that the Power of Attorney is Executed by Land Owner in favor of Xx. Xxxxx Xxxxx Gupta (Managing Director Essarjee Constructions Pvt.

  • The City of Cold Lake hereby provides notice to the Developer / Land Owner to proceed with the orderly servicing of the Developing Lands in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth within the Development Agreement and subject to the following conditions: Failure to meet the specified conditions to proceed will result in the issuance of a Stop Work Order.

More Definitions of land owner

land owner means the owner of the Plot of the land upon which the Building is being constructed being Central Park Ventures Limited; Lease means any lease, license, rental or other occupational rights with respect to the Unit or any grant of the foregoing; Licensed Surveyor means a surveyor appointed by the Seller that is licensed by the Relevant Authorities and registered with the Dubai Land Department in accordance with the Jointly Owned Property Law; Occupier means any person or entity using or occupying a Unit (including any Unit Owner, tenant, family member or mortgagee in possession) and “Occupiers” shall be construed accordingly;
land owner means an owner of land and includes a trustee or mortgagee with possession thereof;
land owner means a person who owns land in accordance with the Land Act;
land owner means those with individual or corporate title to land or leaseholders and those with collective community customary rights;
land owner. , in relation to any land, means a person who acquires rights of ownership in respect of such land under sub-section (1) of section 99 and includes the successors-in-interest of such person;
land owner means the person for the time being having the enjoyment of that land, either as owner or usufructuary owner or in the exercise of rights of dower, franc veuvage, seignorialty or otherwise;
land owner means the person who is the owner or authorised occupier of freehold land.