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Airport System means two or more airports grouped together and serving the same city or conurbation, as indicated in Annex II to Regulation (EEC) No 2408/92;
Airport System means two or more airports grouped together as serving the same city or conurbation, as indicated in Annex II;
Airport System means all airport, heliport and aviation facilities, or any interest therein, now or from time to time hereafter owned, operated or controlled in whole or in part by the City, together with all properties, facilities and services thereof, and all additions, extensions, replacements and improvements thereto, and all services provided or to be provided by the City in connection therewith, but expressly excluding special facilities. The Airport System currently includes the present airports of the City, known as "George Bush Intercontinental Airport/Houston," "William

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  • Vendor personnel should have at least ten (10) years of airfield construction projects (with at least five projects in the last two years) or substantial experience installing airfield pavement markings that are representative of airport size and NPIAS classifications for the Florida Airport System.

  • The International Air Travel Association (IATA) estimates that more than 4.5Source: World Trade Organization INTERNATIONAL ACCESSThe Houston Airport System (HAS) handled nearly 12 million international passengers last year.

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Airport System means all real property or any interest therein, including improvements thereto, structures, buildings, fixtures, and other real and personal property, which are located on the Airport,Peter O. Knight Airport, Plant City Airport, Tampa Executive Airport, or any airport hereafter owned, leased, or operated by Authority.
Airport System means the Airport and Willow Run Airport.
Airport System means the Airport and the Reliever Airports.
Airport System means the whole and each and every part of the existing airport system of the City, including the Shreveport Regional Airport and the Downtown Municipal Airport, and any other airport or aviation facility owned or operated by the City and designated by the City to be a part of the Airport System, comprising all runways, taxiways, landing pads, navigational and landing aids, control towers, facilities for storage of aircraft and for parking of automobiles, roadways, passenger and freight terminals, lands, easements and rights in land for clear zone and approach purposes, maintenance hangars and related facilities and all equipment, buildings, grounds, facilities, utilities and structures owned, leased or operated by the City in connection with or for the promotion or the accommodation of air commerce and air navigation and services in connection therewith, together with all additions, betterments, extensions and improvements thereto or any part thereof hereafter acquired or constructed.
Airport System means the Tampa International Airport, the Peter O. Knight Airport, the Tampa Executive Airport and the Plant City Airport, and shall also include any additions, extensions and improvements thereto hereafter constructed or acquired from the proceeds of Additional Bonds or from any other sources.
Airport System means the Philadelphia International Airport and the Northeast Philadelphia Airport.
Airport System means two or more airports grouped together to serve the same city or conurbation, as referred to in Annex II to Council Regulation (EEC) No 2408/92 of 23 July 1992 on access for Community air carriers to intra-Community air routes;