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  • The Interconnection Customer shall execute and deliver to the CAISO the Generator Interconnection Study Process Agreement no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the Scoping Meeting.6.1.2 Scoping MeetingWithin five (5) Business Days after the CAISO notifies the Interconnection Customer of a Interconnection Request that is complete, valid, and ready for study, the CAISO shall establish a date agreeable to the Interconnection Customer and the applicable Participating TO(s) for the Scoping Meeting.

  • Pursuant to the Queue Cluster Interconnection Study process the Generating Facility will be allocated its cost responsibility share of any applicable LDNUs or ADNUs. The Generating Facility shall be permitted to select an Option (A) or Option (B) Deliverability option under Section 7.2 (and will be treated as an Option (B) Generating Facility if a selection is not provided to the CAISO) and permitted to participate in TP Deliverability allocation under Section 8.

  • If the Generating Facility is eligible for study for Full or Partial Capacity Deliverability Status, the CAISO will include the Generating Facility in the Interconnection Study process for the Queue Cluster associated with the Cluster Application Window in which the Generating Facility has submitted its study request.

  • The CAISO shall reimburse the Participating TO for the actual cost of any portion of all Interconnection Studies that such Participating TO performs at the direction of the CAISO.

  • Within ten(10) Business Days following the CAISO‟s receipt of such designation, the CAISO, in coordination with the applicable Participating TOs, shall provide to the Interconnection Customer a signed Generator Interconnection Study Process Agreement.

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CAISO means the California Independent System Operator.
CAISO means the California Independent System Operator Corporation or successor entity that dispatches certain generating units, supplies certain loads and controls the transmission facilities of entities that (a) own, operate and maintain transmission lines and associated facilities or have entitlements to use certain transmission lines and associated facilities, and (b) have transferred to the CAISO or its successor entity operational control of such facilities or entitlements.
CAISO means the California Independent System Operator, or its successor.