Investor Guidelines definition

Investor Guidelines. Rules and regulations set forth by each Investor, as outlined in their respective Selling and Servicing Guides or other published or written rules and regulations, and as amended from time to time, including project guidelines, setting forth the manner in which Mortgage Loans shall be originated, underwritten, sold or serviced, excluding any special commitments.
Investor Guidelines means the guidelines and requirements of private mortgage investors regarding sales of residential Mortgage Loans to such investors by Lender.
Investor Guidelines means (i) the eligibility requirements established by the Approved Investor that must be satisfied by a Mortgage Loan originator to sell Mortgage Loans to the Approved Investor and (ii) the specifications that a Mortgage Loan must meet, and the requirements that it must satisfy, to qualify for the Approved Investor’s program of Mortgage Loan purchases, as such requirements and specifications may be revised, supplemented or replaced from time to time. “Jumbo Loan Sublimit” is defined in the table set forth in Section 4.2(d). “Jumbo Mortgage Loan” means a Mortgage Loan that (a) would be an Agency Mortgage Loan except that the original principal amount is more than the maximum Agency loan amount, (b) conforms to the eligibility criteria set forth in Schedule JML, including maximum Loan To Value, maximum original principal balance and minimum Customer FICO score and (c) other than with respect to any Non-Chase Jumbo Mortgage Loan, is subject to an Investor Commitment issued by CL. The term “Jumbo Mortgage Loan” does not include Agency Mortgage Loans, Government Mortgage Loans, RHS Mortgage Loans or State Bond Mortgage Loans. “Legal Requirement” means any law, statute, ordinance, decree, ruling, treaty, requirement, order, judgment, rule or regulation (or interpretation of any of them), including any of the foregoing that relate to environmental standards or controls, energy regulations and occupational safety and health standards or controls, of any (domestic or foreign) court or other Governmental Authority, and the terms of any license, permit, consent or approval issued by any Governmental Authority.

Examples of Investor Guidelines in a sentence

  • Seller is not in default with respect to Seller’s obligations under Investor Guidelines, and Seller is in compliance in all material respects with all applicable laws, regulations, rules and requirements (including, without limitation, the rules, regulations and requirements of the Investors, to the extent applicable) relating to the Servicing.

  • In accordance with Investor Guidelines and state laws, Seller shall transmit to the Mortgagors of the Mortgage Loans, the requisite taxing authorities, insurance companies and/or agents, Insurers and the banks at which escrow deposits are maintained, notification of the assignment of the Transferred Assets and instructions to deliver all payments, notices, tax bills, insurance statements, and escrow account statements, as the case may be, to Purchaser from and after such date.

  • Ascertain that VOEs cover a two-year period or as required by Program/ Investor Guidelines and findings.

  • All pools relating to the Mortgage Loans have been initially certified, finally certified and/or re-certified in accordance with Applicable Requirements and Investor Guidelines.

  • This Agreement, the Appendices attached hereto and applicable Investor Guidelines constitute the “written agreement” governing Seller’s sale of Servicing to Purchaser and Seller shall continuously maintain all components of such “written agreement” as an official record of Seller.

  • Non-Arm’s Length Transactions Per Investor Guidelines Credit AUS • FHA: o Xxxxxx Xxx Desktop Underwriter (DU) with ‘Approve / Eligible’ or Freddie Mac Loan Prospect Advisor (LPA) with ‘Accept’ recommendation.

  • Awards under any broadly based employee share scheme operated by the Company to the extent that such awards are not required to be taken into account in respect of Plan limits under the Institutional Investor Guidelines of the Irish Association of Investment Managers in force from time to time.

  • Ensure if there is a gift letter, it has the relationship of donor and no repayment and funds are both sourced and either deposited into mortgagor's account or sent directly to the Closing Agent, as required by Program/ Investor Guidelines and findings.

  • Factors such as the current value of the property, the Lender & Investor Guidelines and the Client’s Hardship and Current Finances among other factors are reviewed by the Lender(s) when reviewing a Loan Modification.

  • On or before the Sale and Transfer Date, Seller shall correct and fund all cash and collateral deficiencies with respect to the custodial accounts as required by Investor Guidelines.

More Definitions of Investor Guidelines

Investor Guidelines. As applicable to a particular Mortgage Loan, the rules and regulations set forth by an Investor, as outlined in their respective selling and servicing guides, Third Party Servicing Agreement or other published or written rules and regulations, as amended from time to time, including project guidelines, setting forth the manner in which a Mortgage Loan shall be originated, underwritten, sold and/or serviced.

Related to Investor Guidelines

  • Investment Guidelines means the investment guidelines approved by the Board, a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit A, as the same may be amended, restated, modified, supplemented or waived pursuant to the approval of a majority of the entire Board (which must include a majority of the Independent Directors).

  • Program Guidelines means any and all GLO-approved documents reflecting specific rules and regulations governing the implementation of the Program.

  • 2%/25% Guidelines has the meaning set forth in Section 13.

  • Applicable Guidelines means the policies of the Bank governing the selection and Contract award process as set forth in this RFP.

  • Procurement Guidelines means the “Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and XXX Credits” published by the Bank in May 2004 and revised in October, 2006.

  • Modification Guidelines has the meaning provided in Section 2.1(a) of this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement.

  • Credit Guidelines means the policies of Credit Acceptance, relating to the extension of credit to automobile, light-duty truck, minivan and/or sport utility dealers and consumers in respect of retail installment contracts for the sale of automobiles, light-duty trucks, minivans and/or sport utility vehicles including the policies for determining creditworthiness of such dealers and consumers and otherwise relating to the extension of credit to dealers and consumers and the maintenance of installment sale contracts, as in effect on the Cut-off Date and as amended from time to time in accordance with the Basic Documents or in accordance with Applicable Law, attached hereto as Exhibit H.

  • Valuation Guidelines means the valuation guidelines adopted by the Board, as may be amended from time to time.

  • Consultant Guidelines means the “Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers” published by the Bank in May 2004 and revised in October 2006.

  • Design Guidelines means the Fernkloof Estate architectural design guidelines to control all aspects of design and landscaping of any development within the Fernkloof Estate dev elopment, as amended from time to t ime in terms of the constitution of the MPOA or as required by the Council , a copy of the current draft which i s av ailable for inspection at the offices of the Association;

  • Underwriting Guidelines The underwriting guidelines of the Seller, a copy of which is attached as an exhibit to the related Assignment and Conveyance.

  • Rating Agency Guidelines means the Fitch Guidelines and any Other Rating Agency Guidelines as they exist from time to time.

  • Effluent limitation guideline means a regulation published by the Administration under Section 304(b) of the CWA to adopt or revise effluent limitations.

  • Federal poverty guidelines means the poverty guidelines published annually in the Federal Register by the United States Department of Health and Human Services under its authority to revise the poverty line under section 673(2) of subtitle B of title VI of the omnibus budget reconciliation act of 1981, 42 USC 9902.

  • Treasury guidelines means any guidelines on supply chain management issued by the Minister in terms of section 168 of the Act;

  • Guidelines means the Instructions to Authors available on the Xxxxxxx Science website, as well as the Aims & Scope applicable to the relevant Xxxxxxx Science publication). Xxxxxxx Science’s nominated service provider, Xxxxxxx Science, offers English language support services which Assignor may elect to utilise in respect of the Work by completing the applicable box in Schedule 1: Details of the Work. The provision of such services by Xxxxxxx Science shall be subject to Xxxxxxx 2 [v.122016] Science’s prevailing terms and rates relating to such type of optional support.

  • Program Guide The Residential Funding Seller Guide for mortgage collateral sellers that participate in Residential Funding's standard mortgage programs, and Residential Funding's Servicing Guide and any other subservicing arrangements which Residential Funding has arranged to accommodate the servicing of the Mortgage Loans.

  • Fitch Guidelines means the guidelines, as may be amended from time to time, in connection with Fitch’s ratings of the VMTP Shares.

  • Risk-Based Capital Guidelines means (i) the risk-based capital guidelines in effect in the United States on the date of this Agreement, including transition rules, and (ii) the corresponding capital regulations promulgated by regulatory authorities outside the United States implementing the July 1988 report of the Basle Committee on Banking Regulation and Supervisory Practices Entitled “International Convergence of Capital Measurements and Capital Standards,” including transition rules, and any amendments to such regulations adopted prior to the date of this Agreement.

  • User Guide means such user guide or document issued or prescribed by us, through any medium, setting out instructions on the use of the EB Services;

  • Operating Guidelines means the guidelines for the creation and redemption of Units of a class as set out in the schedule to each Participation Agreement as amended from time to time by the Manager with the approval of the Trustee, and where applicable, with the approval of HKSCC and the Conversion Agent, and following consultation, to the extent reasonably practicable, with the relevant Participating Dealers subject always, in respect of the relevant Operating Guidelines for a Participating Dealer, any amendment being notified in writing by the Manager in advance to the relevant Participating Dealer. Unless otherwise specified, references to the Operating Guidelines shall be to the Operating Guidelines for the relevant Sub-Fund applicable at the time of the relevant Application.

  • Leasing Guidelines means the guidelines approved in writing by Lender, from time to time, with respect to the leasing of the Property. The following are the initial Leasing Guidelines:

  • Anti-Corruption Guidelines means the “Guidelines on Preventing and Combating Fraud and Corruption in Projects Financed by IBRD Loans and XXX Credits and Grants”, dated October 15, 2006.

  • Consulting Guidelines means the Guidelines on the Use of Consultants by Asian Development Bank and its Borrowers (2010, as amended from time to time);

  • User Guides means Sprinklr materials made available to Customer through the support portal to assist users of the Platform, as such materials may be updated during the Term.

  • Environmental Guidelines means the environmental guidelines and occupational health and safety standards of the World Bank Group as in effect on [Bid Date].