Sub-Account definition

Sub-Account means any of the individual sub-accounts of a Participant’s Account that is maintained as provided in Article VIII.
Sub-Account shall have the meaning provided in Section 2.11(c).
Sub-Account means each portion of an Account designated as such pursuant to this Indenture or the related Indenture Supplement.

Examples of Sub-Account in a sentence

  • Provisions of the Central Depositories Act, 1997 (“ the Act”) and the Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited Regulations (“the Regulations”) as amended from time to time and the CDC’s Operating Manual/Operating Instructions developed and issued pursuant thereto from time to time and any other by-laws, directives of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan issued from time to time, shall govern the opening, maintenance and operations of the Sub-Account.

  • Participant shall be liable to give due and timely effect to the instructions of the Sub-Account Holder given in terms of the above-referred authorization with respect to transfer, pledge and withdrawal of Book-entry Securities entered in his Sub-Account under the control of the Participant.

  • The Participant shall be liable to provide such report/statement to the Sub-Account Holder within 3 Business Days from the date of receipt of such request, with or without charges.

  • No Sub-Account shall be treated as dormant unless there is no activity for continuous six months.

  • Participant shall have the right, subject to 20 Business Days prior written notice to the Sub-Account Holder to close the Sub-Account if it becomes dormant with no holding balances.

More Definitions of Sub-Account

Sub-Account means each portion of an Issuer Account designated as such pursuant to this Indenture, the related Indenture Supplement or the applicable Asset Pool Supplement.
Sub-Account has the meaning specified in the Indenture.
Sub-Account means a national section which is opened within each PEPP account and which corresponds to the legal requirements and conditions for using possible incentives fixed at national level for investing in a PEPP by the Member State of the PEPP saver’s residence; accordingly, an individual may be a PEPP saver or a PEPP beneficiary in each sub-account, depending on the respective legal requirements for the accumulation phase and decumulation phase;
Sub-Account means any one or more of the following accounts comprised in the Integrated Account:-
Sub-Account means each sub-account of an Issuer Account maintained pursuant to this Indenture or the related Indenture Supplement.
Sub-Account means each bookkeeping In-Service Sub-Account, Retirement Sub-Account and Company Contribution Sub-Account maintained by the Committee on behalf of each Participant pursuant to the Plan.