insurance period definition

insurance period means a contribution period or an equivalent period;
insurance period means : any period of contributions recognized as such in the legislation under which that period was completed, as well as any period recognized as equivalent to a period of contribution under that legislation.
insurance period means, in relation to the United Kingdom, a contribution period or an equivalent period and, in relation to the Netherlands, an insurance period completed under the legislation of the Netherlands;

Examples of insurance period in a sentence

  • Annual Limit of CoverThe maximum amount of cover that the Company shall pay to each Insured, during each Insurance Period, for treatment within a Medical Institution or for Outpatient Treatment, as specified in the Schedule.

  • Diseases that have occurred and/or are diagnosed for up to 5 years before the Insurance Period, are not covered.

  • Prior to the expiry of the Policy, and provided that no Premium is due, the Company will send the Contracting party the renewal certificate of the Insurance Policy which will state the Premium applicable for the next Insurance Period as well as the date of its payment, in accordance to the frequency of payment.

  • Such payment shall also continue while an employee is on sick leave (including the Employment Insurance Period) to a maximum of thirty (30) months from the time the absence commenced.

  • Notwithstanding this provision, seniority shall accrue for the duration of the absence if an employee’s absence is due to a disability resulting in WSIB benefits or LTD benefits or while an employee is on paid or unpaid sick leave (including the Employment Insurance Period).

More Definitions of insurance period

insurance period means the contribution period defined or recognised as such by or under the applicable legislation;
insurance period means, in relation to the United Kingdom, a period in respect of which contributions, appropriate to the benefit in question, have been paid under the legislation of the United Kingdom, and, in relation to France, an insurance period or contribution period recognised under the legislation of France;
insurance period means: the period shown in the Schedule against “INSURANCE PERIOD”, unless terminated earlier.
insurance period means the period of time form the effective date of the insurance cover to the expiry of the insurance coverage, as specified in the insurance policy (its annexes).The terms used and defined in these Terms that are stated in the singular shall include the plural, and vice versa; terms in the masculine or feminine gender shall be understood as including any of those genders. The terms defined in these Terms shall be understood as defined in these Terms regardless of whether they are used in upper or lower case. The headings and names of parts of these Terms are for convenience only and do not have any essential effect on the interpretation of these Terms. Except where these Terms explicitly refer to the Insured Person or the Beneficiary, all instructions for the Policyholder shall apply both to the Insured Person and the Beneficiary as long as it does not conflict with the essence of personal accident insurance and the rights and obligations of the Insured Person and the Beneficiary.In case of any conflict or discrepancies in the between the insurance cover clauses, the Terms and thepolicy (it’s annexes), the provisions of the policy (it’s annexes) shall have priority.
insurance period means a contribution period, a period of employment or any other period recognised as a period of insurance or an equivalent period by the legislation under which it was completed, including any calendar year for which pension points have been credited under the Swedish social insurance scheme for the purpose of a supplementary pension on the basis of income from employment or other economic activity during the year in question or a portion thereof;
insurance period means a contribution period or equivalent period;
insurance period means, in relation to the Republic of Latvia, a period of contributions used to acquire the right to a benefit under the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, including a period deemed as equivalent to an insurance period;