Definition of Income withholding

Income withholding means an income-withholding order issued under the provisions of Title 40, chapter 5, part 3 or 4, or an income-withholding order issued in another state as provided in 40-5-157.
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Examples of Income withholding in a sentence

Income withholding is initiated when immediate income withholding is in effect or the NCP becomes delinquent in an amount equivalent to one (1) month's support.
Income withholding applies to all federal employees, including the military.
Enforcing Support Income withholding is the best way to enforce child support...
OTHER REMEDIES Income withholding ordered under this subchapter is an additional remedy to enforce a support order and does not limit the use of other legal remedies that may be available for collection of child and spousal support.
Income withholding is defined as withholding child support from an obligor's income.