Definition of Applicable Withholding Taxes

Applicable Withholding Taxes means the aggregate minimum amount of federal, state, local, and foreign income, payroll, and other taxes that an Employer is required to withhold in connection with the grant, vesting, or exercise of any Award.

Examples of Applicable Withholding Taxes in a sentence

Each Participant shall agree, as a condition of receiving an Award, to pay to the Company, or make arrangements satisfactory to the Company regarding the payment of, all Applicable Withholding Taxes with respect to the Award.
Until the Applicable Withholding Taxes have been paid or arrangements satisfactory to the Company have been made, no stock certificates (or, in the case of Restricted Stock, no stock certificates free of a restrictive legend) shall be issued to the Participant.
For purposes of determining the number of shares that are available for Awards under the Plan, such number shall, if permissible under Rule 16b-3, include the number of shares surrendered by a Participant or retained by the Company (a) in connection with the exercise of an Option or (b) in payment of Applicable Withholding Taxes.
Each Participant shall agree as a condition of receiving an Award payable in the form of Company Stock to pay to the Employer, or make arrangements satisfactory to the Employer regarding the payment to the Employer of, Applicable Withholding Taxes.
The Stock Option Agreement for the Option containing the reload feature shall provide that the holder of the Option shall receive, contemporaneously with the payment of the exercise price in shares of Company Stock, a Reload Option to purchase that number of shares of Company Stock equal to the sum of (i) the number of shares used to exercise the Option, and (ii) with respect to Nonqualified Stock Options, the number of shares used to satisfy Applicable Withholding Taxes.